This blog didn’t exist when I was pregnant with Natalie, and I sorely regret that. Now that I know better, I’m writing bi-weekly pregnancy updates, as well as “whenever-the-heck-I-feel-like-it” updates about anything else.

Finding out we were going to have another baby: Guess What!

Everything you wanted to know about the contents of my uterus, but were afraid to ask: Pregnancy Updates and FAQs

On finding out the sex: Team Green No Longer!

Click on the photos below to read that week’s update!

IMG_3259.JPGIMG_3321.JPG2014-12-14 13.02.51 2014-12-28 15.41.12 IMG_3451.JPG 2015-01-24 16.39.42 2015-02-07 10.54.54 IMG_3699.JPG2015-03-07 09.52.532015-04-11 14.31.002015-04-11 14.26.332015-04-19 12.51.05IMG_4088.JPG2015-05-16 14.34.352015-05-31 19.25.21IMG_4239.JPG 


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