Olivia’s Photo Project

Fifty-two photos and fifty-two letters, one every week for the first year of her life.

I did this for Natalie, too, and it’s one of my favorite projects that I’ve ever done, ever ever ever. Obviously I had to do the same thing for Olivia, otherwise it would be nothing but “It’s not faaaaaaaair, why do you love Natalie moooooore?!?!” for the rest of my life.

For Natalie I used different fabric backgrounds every week and dressed her in a plain white onesie. Olivia gets a plain white background (it’s a sheet on my bedroom floor — so profesh) and whatever outfit her my heart desires. This makes setting up the photo a lot quicker, and it’s easier on my wallet. No buying fabric every week!

Here’s Olivia’s gallery. Click on the thumbnail to read that week’s letter and see the full-size photo. Or, if you’d like to read through all the letters in one go, click here (the most recent will display first).


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