Natalie’s Photo Project

I knew before Natalie was even born that I wanted to take pictures of her weekly during the first year of her life. Then, shortly before her birth, I decided that I would also write a letter to her each week. And that, in a nutshell, is why this blog exists: because I have too much free time on my hands.

Now that we’re a few months into Natalie’s second year on this earth, looking back at these weekly photos is astonishing. I knew that she was growing right before my very eyes, but there were so many details that I missed in the thick of Newborn Land. So many stories that I would have forgotten had I not written them down, because the memory of a sleep-deprived mom is not to be trusted, no matter how cute or how funny or how convinced you are that you’ll remember everything.

You won’t. Trust me on this one.

For year one, I used a piece of fabric as a background and photoshopped the week number onto her onesies. For more details, including a tutorial for said photoshopping, visit Young House Love – all the credit for this excellent idea goes to them.


Click to read that week’s letter and see a bigger version of the photo.

natalie-week1natalie-week2natalie-week3natalie-week4natalie-week5natalie-week6natalie-week7natalie-week8natalie-week9natalie-week10natalie-week11natalie-week12natalie-week13natalie-week14natalie-week15Natalie at 16 weeksNatalie-week17natalie-week18natalie-week19natalie-week20natalie-week21natalie-week22natalie-week23natalie-week24natalie-week25natalie-week26natalie-week27-fbnatalie-week28natalie-week29natalie-week30natalie-week31natalie-week32natalie-week33natalie-week34natalie-week35natalie-week36natalie-week37natalie-week38natalie-week39natalie-week40natalie-week41natalie-week42natalie-week43natalie-week44natalie-week45natalie-week46natalie-week47natalie-week48natalie-week49natalie-week50natalie-week51natalie-week52


I changed things up a bit for the second year, with the biggest change being the switch to monthly photos and letters instead of weekly. You can read more about what I changed and why here. Each photo is linked to that month’s letter.






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