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IMG_1633.JPGRight now I’m…

Mainlining coffee. Olivia is going through a hell of a sleep regression, in addition to being sniffly and congested, and that’s no fun for any of us.

Wearing sweatshirts. Not parkas, not mittens, not snuggies. God I love fall in Tennessee.

Humming the theme songs to FAR too many Sprout Kids tv shows. This constant passing back and forth of daycare germs has totally wiped me out and we’ve been preeeeeetty liberal with screen time. Ruff-Ruff, Tweet, and Dave! We’ll have a magical time (a magical time!) *pokes out eardrums with a baby spoon*

Loving these Yankee Candle tart knock-offs from Walmart (I don’t have all those scents; that’s just an example). They’re cheap, are fragrant for a decent amount of time, and I’m really impressed with the scents I’ve gotten. The food ones are especially delicious and make my house smell like holidays. I can’t wait till we get our tree up and I can start using the pine tree-scented one.

Dying to see Natalie’s first official school pictures. Apparently we’re a little more casual than most parents, because her teacher took one look at her on picture day and asked if I had an outfit for her to wear. Um, you’re looking at it. We just don’t do dressy. I braided her hair WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME.

Watching endless YouTube videos about wearing your baby in a back carry. I’m SO EXCITED to get good at this and dream of the day I can wear Olivia and don’t have to awkwardly reach around her with t-Rex arms to do things. But also nervous, because it’s definitely a little nerve-wracking at first.

Finding muscles I didn’t know I had. I started Stage 2 of New Rules of Lifting for Women and holy cow they are not messing around. It hurts so good.

Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving, or, for those of you not in the US, a lovely Thursday. If you need me I’ll be counting down the minutes until tomorrow at midnight when I can legally (in this house, anyway) push play on my holiday playlist.



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