Dear Olivia: Week 17

olivia-week17-web Dear Olivia,

I’m sorry for being thick sometimes.

You’re pretty straightforward when it comes to telling us what you need. You’re so happy and so calm, so when you do fuss it’s always for a reason. Sometimes I’m just not listening.

Feeding you is always my go-to solution. Sometimes you’re hungry and that solves the problem, but usually if you’ve already gotten to the point where you’re fussy, you’re being driven by something other than hunger. So rather than eating your fill and then drifting off to sleep, you arch your back, twist away from me, and squawk in protest.


Ok. Plan B.

Diaper change. This is the culprit probably 20% of the time. You’re in cloth diapers, which means they start to feel wet a lot earlier than disposable diapers do, and sometimes that bugs you. Either that or you’ve unleashed a stealth poop that nobody heard or smelled until we open your diaper and then OH DEAR GOD.

Yep, I imagine that would be pretty uncomfortable.

But usually?

You’re just tired and you’re requesting, the only way you can, to go to bed.

When nothing else calms you down, we zip you up in your sleep suit, crank up the white noise machine, and put you in the pack ‘n play. Rather than being bothered about not being in contact with us, you usually relax immediately. Your right thumb (always the right thumb) finds its way into your mouth, or your pacifier, if you’re too wound up to coordinate the appropriate arm action and your eyelids start to flutter. I’ll stand there for a bit to retrieve the pacifier and pop it back in if you lose it, but typically you’re out cold within a few minutes.

Sometimes it takes longer than it should for me to realize that you just want to go to sleep. You don’t have a regular nap schedule, or even a set bedtime right now, so it’s really more of a dawning realization that hey, she’s been awake for a long time.

Actually, I take that back. You do have a nap schedule; I just haven’t figured it out yet. I suspect you’re more consistent then I realize, but I haven’t been tracking your sleep quite as closely as I did with Natalie. And by that I mean “not at all” as opposed to “down-to-the-minute sleep log.”

Second child problems. Sorry.

Now that you’re almost four months old, I know it’s time to get more serious about a schedule. That makes me a little sad, to be honest, because we’ve had a really good run of you coming along for the ride any time I go anywhere. But I know that some kind of schedule or routine, no matter how loosely followed, is really important. It worked (eventually) with Natalie and I’m sure it’ll work with you, too.

You just might have to remind me what, exactly, that schedule is. And sorry in advance for forgetting.

Love always,


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