Dear Olivia: Week 16

olivia-week16-webDear Olivia,

My little baby hulk. You are all about feats of strength these days, using your feet of strength.

Ha, see what I did there?


Seriously, though, you are strong. Everyone who holds you comments on it. Somehow we blasted straight from the floppy newborn stage to practically being able to sit up on your own, and you want it SO badly. Long gone are the days when we could sweetly cuddle you in a cradle hold, because you have absolutely no time for that. None. LET’S GO MOM GOT PLACES TO GO THINGS TO DO PEOPLE TO SPIT UP ON.

You’re still pretty chill when you’re in a wrap, but if you’re just being held you want to be upright. All the time. Preferably standing up and facing whoever is holding you so you can stare in complete, rapt wonderment at their face. Feel free to blink every once in a while. You study faces so hard. Especially mine, which is very flattering and quite funny. You lock eyes with me, your wide, bright blue eyes totally focused on me. And then your gigantic head bobbles on your little neck stalk and a goofy little grin spreads over your face.


We were waiting for a doctor’s appointment the other day, you sitting patiently in your car seat at my feat and gumming your hands. An older woman who REALLY loves babies sat right next to me just so she could look at you.

“Hiiiiiii, BAY-BEE,” she drawled, drawing the word out into about 14 syllables, “Lookit meeeee, BAY-BEE.” She repeated this over and over and over, doing everything except snapping her fingers in your face to try and get your attention. You kept your gaze fixed on me, occasionally flicking your eyes to her and then right back to me. I knew exactly what you were thinking.

If I ignore her, will she go away?

She did, eventually, after laughing at your complete lack of interest in anyone except me.

I know it will just be a short time before you’re rolling your eyes at me (like when you read the first few sentences of this letter) instead of gazing at me in utter delight.

But for now, it’s good to be wanted. Thanks for being an appreciative audience for my bad puns, baby girl.

Love always,

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