Dear Olivia: Week 11


Dear Olivia,

My happy little sidekick. Just look at that smile.

When we picked “Joy” for your middle name, we didn’t know how accurate that choice would be. You are a joy and we’re so lucky to have you.

As per the usual theme of these letters, life is good. Nursing is going well, sleeping is going well, and I’m continually baffled by how another week has gone by without any major histrionics or handwringing. It seems like we did so much of that with your sister, and now suddenly you’re almost three months old and we’ve arrived here on a road with very few bumps.

It makes me nervous, weirdly enough. Mostly because I overthink things like it’s my job. Are you going to have a crazy sleep regression next week and start waking up every hour? Decide that you hate being worn and freak out whenever I wrap you? (Oh please no, I couldn’t even function if you did that.) Develop a sudden case of colic and scream until you turn purple?

No, I don’t think any of those things are going to happen. Except maybe the sleep regression, but that’s normal. You’re just the chillest of chill babies and I don’t actually think there’s even a FIRST shoe to drop, let alone another one.

You are a joy. And life is good.

Love always,

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