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  Shedding like crazy. I’m dropping hair errrrrrrywhere, even the cats are like woah lady, you need a lint roller. I don’t remember this starting until around three months postpartum with Natalie. SO FUN.

Watching Doctor Who. Last summer I caught the Whovian fever (more cowbell sonic screwdriver!) after watching Matt Smith’s final season on BBC on demand, then went back to the beginning (not the BEGINNING beginning, the Christopher Eccleston beginning) and started from there. I lost interest for a while, but now that a new season is starting TOMORROW, I want to get caught up. Having watched them all in order now, some of the later episodes make a LOT more sense and make me a lot more weepy. Like, Angels Take Manhattan? OH MY GOD ALL THE FEELS.

Experimenting with Natalie’s diet. Natalie has a couple relatives who are lactose intolerant, and we think she might be, too. On the advice of her pediatrician we’ve cut all dairy out of her diet with the exception of a small amount of lactose-free milk, and it definitely seems to be helping. 

Decorating our house. We’re planning out where we want to hang our photos and artwork, picking out new curtains, ordering bookcases and unpacking boxes of books. Now that all of our possessions are here, it’s time to start making this house feel like home. 

Reluctantly buying new clothes. The morning weather here took an abrupt turn towards fall and I realized as I was trying to dress appropriately for 50 degrees that I had NO PANTS. When I purged 3/4 of my clothes last winter I ditched all of my pants except for one pair of skinny jeans and one pair of dressy work pants (?). Neither one fits my current postpartum body. I was really strongly opposed to buying new clothes that will only fit temporarily, but making do with a hodgepodge wardrobe composed entirely of maternity clothes and clothes that are definitely too small is not doing anything for my body confidence. So I bit the bullet and bought two pair of jeans at Target. Getting dressed is much more pleasant now. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone. I went to a walking/running club hosted by a local moms’ group this week. I didn’t really know what to expect, so I was nervous. But I ended up meeting some really nice fellow moms who were very kind and didn’t judge me at all when my jogging pace slowed to a walk until I could catch my breath. I’ll definitely be going back now that I know that they’re not all running five-minute miles. 

Planning our Halloween costumes. I think Natalie is old enough to enjoy trick-or-treating this year, so I’d like to do one costume theme for all four of us. I have some ideas but I’m already questioning my own follow-through. Making Natalie’s costume last year was so fun, though, so I know I won’t regret the effort. 

Happy Friday!

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