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  Sleeping a lot more than I ever thought possible with an 8-week-old in the house. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Olivia.

Opening every kitchen cabinet before I find whatever it is I’m looking for. I love that we’re in our new house; I don’t love not being able to find anything and not knowing which light switches turn on what lamps.

Reveling in my newfound freedom on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yesterday was exactly as productive as I’d hoped Tuesday would be and it was absolutely glorious.

Printing photos for my Week in the Life album. So, so excited about this project!

Packing away most of Olivia’s three-month clothing. Part of it is the cloth diapers (baby got BACK), but part of it is her being suuuuuper tall. No decisions have been made about whether or not Olivia is our last baby, so I refuse to get rid of anything.

Reading ALL the books! Oyster (like Netflix but for digital books) was running a special this summer where you get could three months for $.99 (regular price is $9.99/month). I jumped on that deal and I’m loving it so far. They have way more titles, and much better ones, than what’s available in the free Kindle library. I don’t think I’ll be continuing my subscription when the three-month special is done, because I’m cheap and because this is good incentive to get my library card, but it’s perfect for now. It’s what I do when Olivia is nursing, so that’s quite a bit of reading time every day. 

Lifting like a mother. Will and I bought a weight bench, Olympic bar, and a bunch of plates as a housewarming gift to ourselves, and yesterday I started the program (again, I was doing it from April until about mid-June and lost all motivation to do anything except walk) from The New Rules of Lifting for Women. Soooo excited to have the space for a workout room in our new house. It was either this or a guest room. I have no regrets. 

Wishing there was a Google translate app for toddlers. I’m usually pretty good at interpreting what Natalie is saying, but lately it feels like it’s more smiling and nodding than anything else. Or Will and I trading confused glances at the dinner table as we trying and figure out what on Earth she’s asking for. 

Looking forward to a three-day weekend with Will home! Hope you guys have a great one, too!

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