Dear Olivia: Week 7

Dear Olivia,

This week we actually had to entertain ourselves, instead of just walking across the street and bugging your grandmother like we usually do. Grammy, Grampa, and Aunt Leslie all went to New Hampshire for my cousin’s wedding, leaving us to hold down the fort here.

It wasn’t quite as bad as I was expecting, honestly. After all, I know that most people don’t live 50 feet away from their extended family, so being able to spend as much time with your grandparents as we have already has been quite the gift.

The problem is that I’ve gotten used to it.

Bored? Let’s visit Grammy!

You’re fussy and just want to be held and I’m dying for an extra set of arms to do just that? Let’s visit Grammy!

Your sister has decided that throwing toys and dumping cat food all over the floor is the afternoon’s entertainment? Let’s definitely visit Grammy!

And so I’ve come to rely on her company, and that of your aunt as well. I didn’t have this luxury when your sister was your age and I felt it keenly whenever a friend mentioned their parents babysitting so they could go out to dinner, or extended family attending a birthday party. We just didn’t have that and it made me feel very, very sad.

But now we do and it’s, well, amazing. As you’ll find out quite quickly, my side of the family is all quite close (and don’t listen to your father when he mutters “co-dependent” under his breath!). Before we moved to Tennessee I talked to your Grammy on the phone every single day, even if there was no “news” to report. Just hearing her voice on the other end of the line made me feel better on the days that weren’t so great.

I don’t know what your life will look like when you’re my age. Maybe you’ll be married and have kids, maybe you’ll be single and traveling the world, or maybe you’ll be living just down the street from us. But wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, I hope that we have the kind of relationship that I have with my mom: the kind where you can call me any time, day or night, and talk about anything you want (or you can send your hologram over for a chat, or whatever amazing new technology you’ll have to teach me in 30 years).

I’m here to listen, always.

And to hold your kids when your toddler is flinging everything within reach and you feel like you’re going to tear your hair out. Just give me a call.

I’ll be there.

Love always,

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