Natalie’s 2nd Birthday Party

Last weekend we had a very low-key birthday party for Natalie, probably the lowest of low-key parties that a two-year-old ever had. To be honest I don’t think she even knew it was a party for her, since there were no gifts and we didn’t sing happy birthday. But we did eat cake, which the birthday girl declined in lieu of scarfing up all my mom’s fruit. I’m not sure she’s even my child.

I didn’t get any pictures of the actual party, but I did some quick snaps before the guests arrived, and before Natalie turned into a tired, sweaty mess from running around the backyard.

Our decorations consisted of two balloons and a happy birthday banner. You’re going to want to pin this for reference. I’ll wait.


Olivia had the time of her life.
The birthday girl was slightly more excited, mostly because there was a cooler full of ICE! MAMA! ICE!
nataliesparty04BEST DAY EVER.

My sister and Olivia.

Natalie loves her new slide, except she’s not too sure about the actual sliding part. Every time she slid down she’d say UH OH and then ALL DONE. natalie-slide





We’ve been told we bear a passing resemblance to each other.

I really wanted to get a nice picture of the four of us, and this is the best we could do. Natalie didn’t want to look at the camera and only wanted to play with the ribbons on Olivia’s headband/poke Olivia in the head. We won’t be framing this one anytime soon but I think it’s a pretty accurate representation of what life looks like with a two-year-old and a newborn. nataliesparty13

Thanks for giving us an excuse to get together and eat cake, Natalie. Maybe next year we’ll go all out and have THREE balloons. And maybe even some candles for your cake.

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