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Surprising myself every time I catch a glimpse of my own reflection. I gave myself some bangs on a whim yesterday when Natalie was asleep and I LOVE them. I was a little bit scared as I was cutting, since DIY haircuts can really go either way, but I’m thrilled with how they turned out. My advice if you’re thinking about it? Spend a little time watching tutorials on YouTube and then just go for it! My lifelong motto has always been, “It’ll grow back.” That hasn’t always served me well (high school pixie cut, I’m looking at you #neveragain) but I lucked out this time.

Waiting for the temperature to drop just a little bit. Please note that this is NOT a complaint about the heat, because I’ll take it ANY day over New England winters. No thanks. No, this is just an observation that 90 degrees is really too hot for me, a toddler, and a newborn to spend time outside. And I’m really looking forward to more of that.

Jumping for joy that Olivia slept for four hours in a row last night, nursed, then went back to sleep for another three hours. That’s far and away the best night she’s had, especially on the heels of several nights where she woke up about every ninety minutes. Ugh.

Feeling ambivalent that we found a pacifier that Olivia will take. Natalie rejected each and every pacifier we offered her, and ultimately I was happy about this because we never had to worry about weaning her off it. At the moment I’m leaning towards relief, though, because our last few evenings have been much more peaceful. Instead of nursing for ten seconds, then pulling off and screaming at my boob because she’s mad that she’s getting milk, I give her the pacifier when it’s clear she’s not hungry, and then…quiet. She’s calm, we’re calm, and life is good.

Drooling over my preciousssss…my new BOB double jogging stroller. My mom found it on a local yard sale Facebook group and I snatched it right up. Oh my god, you guys, you haven’t lived til you’ve pushed a BOB (I can’t believe I just typed that sentence). I can’t wait to toss both kids in there and take it for a spin. It’ll be a while before we actually run with it, since you’re not really supposed to do that with a one-month old, but it’ll be nice to have the option to take everyone for a walk without having to wear Olivia every time.

Speaking of which…wrapping ALL the babies! Ok, maybe just mine. Olivia, like basically every baby on the planet, just wants to be held. And I, like basically every mom on the planet, am limited to only having two arms. Can’t get much done unless she’s wrapped. I used a Moby wrap with Natalie and wasn’t the biggest fan — it was really hot and felt like I was wearing a fleece blanket. This time around I’ve discovered the woven wrap love and I’m never going back.

Bewildered by toddler discipline. Seriously. Natalie is really into throwing things for attention right now, and so far we’ve tried the positive discipline approach of natural consequences: you throw something, and that something gets taken away. The problem is, homegirl don’t care. Whatever gets taken away, her reaction is the same: shrug. Her timing is impeccable, too, since she usually does this when I’m nursing Olivia and can’t get up right that second. This is on purpose, of course, and I know she’s feeling neglected and doing totally normal boundary-pushing but GAH SO FRUSTRATING.

Any resources for dealing with toddlers? Are you, too, in love with your BOB stroller? Seen any good YouTube hair tutorials? Hit me up in the comments!

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