Natalie: The Second Year

It’s slideshow time!

I admit: I was stressing about whether or not I’d be able to get this done in time for Natalie’s birthday. I was tired, everyone’s napping schedules have been out of whack, and I hate sitting by myself in the office on the computer.

But I said, “Buck up, Helmrath.”

(Not really. I only ever refer to myself in the third person by my first name.)

What I really said to myself was that I’d be so happy when the slideshow was done, and I was right. That Alexis is a smart cookie. Sometimes.

Now please to enjoy my girl transforming from a baby to a big kid in the span of three and a half minutes.

P.S. Here’s Natalie’s first year slideshow. Watch them back-to-back if you really want to feel time slipping through your fingers.

P.P.S. This slideshow is such a wonderful record of a single dad, his daughter, and their one cat. Good god, Helmrath, hand over your darn phone and get in some videos with your kids!

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