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 Dressing Natalie’s cat in Olivia’s clothes at her demand. I mean, request. 

Drinking coffee again. I lost my taste for it the last month or so of pregnancy and really started feeling like I could use an extra caffeine boost the last few days. 

Struggling with being the solo parent during the day while Will is at work. Not all the time, but man is this a big adjustment. Thank goodness for my mom and my sister helping me out when they can so I can do very important things like…take a shower. 

Washing ALL the laundry. I knew there’d be an increase because we’re cloth diapering both girls and newborns poop approximately 483 times a day, but oh my god SO MUCH LAUNDRY. I’d forgotten that I’d also have twice as much laundry of my own to do due to  Little Miss Turbohork spitting up all over me. 

Nursing Olivia alllllll the time. I pretty much just plant myself on the couch from dinner time until I go to bed. Cluster feeding, I did NOT miss you. But the good news is that the adjustment to breastfeeding went SO much faster this time around. At 7 days postpartum I had no more pain when nursing her. I know that’s not always the case so I’m reeaaaally grateful to the universe for throwing me a bone on that one. 

Itching to get back into an exercise routine, but not wanting to push myself too hard. For now I’m walking (sometimes….an endless string of 90+ degree days has really put a damper on that plan) and doing gentle exercises to start rehabbing my core/pelvic floor. I have no desire to pee myself when I do start running again. 

Realizing that my first baby will be TWO next week. I’m not really one to say things like “stay little forever!!” since that’s literally the exact opposite of what kids are supposed to do (also, the thought of a perpetual two-year-old makes me break out in a cold sweat), but it is bittersweet. 

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