Dear Olivia: Week 2

Dear Olivia,

Two weeks! The last fourteen days have gone by very, very quickly.

Not every minute of every day, of course.

The nighttime minutes are slow. Overall your sleep is not bad for a newborn, but it’s still an adjustment for me to be waking up every two hours or so with you. The last few nights have been especially tough, since you’ve reached the point where you are, for lack of a more ladylike term, super gassy.

It’s not your fault. Every baby goes through this stage and I wish we could help you through it faster, but there’s not much we can do. I burp you as best I can after you eat, and sometimes you unleash a great and powerful belch, but other times it doesn’t seem to matter what I do — rubbing your back, bicycling your legs, holding you upright, or even placing you flat on your stomach, chest to chest with me — you do not want to give up that burp.

Those times are tough because you’re sneaky about it. After you’ve eaten and snoozed on me in a semi-upright position for what I think might have been enough time to prevent uncomfortable air bubbles from taking up residence in your little belly, I swaddle you up nice and tight and place you in the pack-and-play. You squawk but then settle back to sleep. I watch you for a moment, until I’m satisfied that you’re actually asleep. I lie down, close my eyes, and am mere moments away from precious, precious sleep, when all of a sudden…


I shut my eyes even tighter and pray that it was a one-time thing.


I open my eyes and see your little legs drawn up to your belly, a grimace twisting your sweet face.


And so I climb back out of bed, pick you up, and repeat our gas-elimination routine.

Eventually you go back to sleep, but sometimes it takes almost an hour between nursing, changing your diaper (sometimes twice), and getting you settled.

Those minutes are slow.

But when you’re asleep in my arms and the corners of your mouth lift in the slightest hint of a smile, or Natalie gently strokes your hair and calls you baby sister, or you watch your dad with wide eyes while he makes silly faces at you…those moments are precious and fleeting and fly by all too quickly.

So I don’t mind the slow pace of the nighttime minutes, because it anchors me to right here, right now.

It’s a pretty good place to be.

Love always,

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