Dear Olivia: Week 1

Olivia-week1-webDear Olivia,

You’re here! You’re actually here.

For many, many weeks we’ve wondered what life would be like once you arrived, and now we know: it’s perfect.

We’re all a little tired and we’re all working to adjust to our new normal as a family of four (especially your sister!), but you’ve settled right in with a fit as perfect and as satisfying as clicking the exact puzzle piece you’ve been looking for into place.

Your first week of life was both dramatic and utterly mundane. You and I spent two nights in the NICU while computers tracked your heartbeat and every rise and fall of your tiny little chest. Nurses pricked your heels twice a day to check your white blood cell count and bilirubin levels. Everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, though, and we were discharged soon enough.

You and I returned to a house busy with normal life. This is a far cry from the postpartum cocoon I retreated into after your sister was born, a place where I hardly got out of bed for the first week and almost all of our meals were ordered from glossy takeout menus. Surprisingly enough, the world didn’t stop when you were born.

There are still cats to feed and laundry to wash and, the biggest difference of all, another sibling to consider, one who doesn’t understand why I disappeared for three days and then returned with you, a tiny baby who does literally nothing except eat, sleep, and fill diapers. She needs me, too, in different ways from you but in equal measure.

Instead of our lives grinding to a halt upon your arrival, we folded you into our arms and our hearts and kept right on rolling.

And you, sweet girl, are the perfect fit for us.

Welcome home.

Love always,

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