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IMG_0175.JPGMarveling at how tiny Olivia is, compared to newborn-Natalie and ESPECIALLY to now-Natalie. Olivia is a hair taller than her sister was at birth, but weighs 11 ounces less. The difference is enough that Olivia actually fits in newborn clothing, and everything in the 0-3 months size is hopelessly, comically large.

Wishing I had kept a few more newborn-size clothes. Might have to make a trip to the thrift store today.

Yawning. Not much sleep happening around here.

Feeling pretty good, all things considered. The postpartum recovery has been a lot easier this time around. Breastfeeding is also going well so far, although we’ve just entered the “hiss and grit your teeth when baby latches” phase. I know it’ll pass and things will get easier; it just huuuuurts right now.

Remembering how helpless little babies are. Obvious, I know, but it’s a sharp contrast to the abilities of a two-year-old. Olivia is pretty much worthless at helping me with my shoes or picking up toys. Freeloader.

Writing Olivia’s birth story. Natalie’s is still unfinished. Oops.

BOOM head exploding when my brain processes the thought that I have two kids now. What the WHAT.

Above all else, beyond grateful to be home. We were supposed to be released from the birth center at 11 p.m. on Tuesday, but because of some concern over Olivia’s white blood cell count they transferred her to the hospital for observation. Long story short (at least until I write up the birth story), she is 100% fine, but the whole experience is not something I care to repeat anytime soon. So, so grateful to be home with Will and both my girls.



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