The 35/35 List Update

Almost four weeks ago I made a list of everything that I wanted to get done before the baby arrives. Lets check in and see where we’re at, now that my due date is a little over a week away.

1) Buy a house.

Check! Check check check! Everything went incredibly smoothly, and we closed on the house yesterday with no problems — and no baby! I was worried I’d either have a 1-day old with me or I actually be in labor, but nope!11705361_983415864683_2805408625943732029_n Natalie’s so impressed, obviously.

2) Get caught up on our 2015 Project Life album.

Hmm. Maybe not, but I’m at a point where it shouldn’t be too difficult to finish it up. I just need to sit down and actually DO it. I have all our June photos chosen and edited; all I have to do is place the print order. I might not finish this goal but I’ve definitely made progress.

3) Finish Natalie’s alphabet cross stitch sampler.

Probably not going to happen. I’m more than halfway done, and although it would certainly be nice to finish it up before the baby comes, I’m just not feeling the urgency. Too many other things to do.

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4) Become an official Tennessee resident.

Halfway done with this one. Our cars are registered, but we don’t have our TN licenses yet. I’d really like to go and get mine before the baby is born, but between the holiday weekend, my rapidly-approaching due date, and everything else on our plates right now, I don’t know if it’s going to happen.

5) Get everything ready for baby.

Done! As ready as it’ll ever be, at any rate. Clothes are folded and put away, diapers are ready to go, changing table has been moved into our room, and we retrieved the baby swing and the few other things we needed from the storage unit.

6) Find a pediatrician.

We haven’t met him yet, but based on recommendations from Angie’s List and the birth center, I think we’ve found our guy. Apparently the practice is extremely breastfeeding-friendly, has a lactation consultant on staff (unusual for a peditrician’s office!), and the doctor is wearing a Hawaiian shirt with giant hibiscus flowers on it in his picture on the website. I think we’ll get along just fabulously. We gave his name to the birth center as our doctor of choice, and I even made an appointment for Natalie’s 2-year checkup.

7) Get a haircut.

Probably the most no-frills haircut I’ve ever gotten in my life, but yes, it’s done. Now I don’t have to think about it for, like, six months.

8) Get a new phone.

Yes and I looooooove it! I ended up going with the iPhone 6, since Verizon was having a sale that made the one with the smallest amount of storage free. I opted to bump up to the 64gb phone. I don’t store a lot of photos on my phone, but it’s really frustrating to try and take a video of Natalie only to have it quit on me after three seconds because my phone is out of room. I can’t get over how much better the camera is, too. Wheeeee!she

9) Spend lots of time with Natalie.

I’ve reached my quota; I don’t think I need to spend any more time with her. Ha. Obviously this one is ongoing. I’ve definitely been making more of an effort to spend quality time with her that doesn’t involve Daniel Tiger. One thing I’ve noticed is that if she’s feeling neglected, there’s a HUGE difference in her behavior and she turns into a total crazypants. Her tell? She goes straight for the cats’ water and starts dunking toys, shoes, or clothing into it. That’s my cue that it’s time to give her my full attention instead of distractedly smiling at her while she runs laps with her doll stroller around the kitchen island.


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