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Cursing the cute little bunnies that hop all around our yard. That WAS my parsley plant in the bottom right picture. Interestingly enough, they have no taste for thyme or the blueberry bushes.

Cooking a lot of new recipes, and some old favorites that I haven’t made in some time. My parents and my sister are wading into the Whole30 waters and it’s hard not to get caught up in their enthusiasm. I did a Whole30 the summer before I got pregnant with Natalie and have never felt better, so I’m working on adding lots more veggies, protein, and healthy fats to our meals and not relying so heavily on pasta/boxed rice/bread. The top left photo is Nom Nom Paleo’s spicy tuna cakes, made with chicken since I didn’t have any tuna and baked in the oven instead of in a muffin tin to make them a little more crispy. Mmmmmm.

Listening to the “Come OUT, Baby” Hypnobabies track. Sort of – I haven’t made it through the whole thing yet without falling asleep, so even though I haven’t spontaneously gone into labor and shot this baby out like a torpedo, I can give it 2-thumbs up in terms of relaxation value. And don’t worry, I’m not seriously trying to get labor going — I’m 38 weeks tomorrow so it’s definitely still on the early side. I figure that this is one of those things that can do absolutely no harm, and I find it very peaceful and relaxing, so…win-win!

Overanalyzing every backache, contraction, and crampy feeling. As one does.

Giving the side-eye to our utilities company. I had to go to their office three times today to get everything ready for closing next week because they didn’t put the correct information on their website about what paperwork is needed. C’mon, folks. It’s all set now, though — yay electricity!

Taking a deep breath many, many times a day with Natalie. She’s been rather challenging as of late (throwing things, yanking stuff off counters, pretending to be asleep when I ask her to help clean up her toys) and most of the time it’s SO tempting to say OK FINE GO WATCH ELMO JUST PLEASE SIT DOWN AND BE QUIET. I try my best to maintain my own patience and composure and, well, wear her down. It works eventually; it just takes five times as long. This book has been a truly wonderful resource and helps to remind me why we’re working so hard on all of this (affiliate link).

Wilting just a little bit every time I go outside. The walk from the parking lot to the grocery store has never seemed so long.

Planning July blog posts and realizing I’ve got a lot on the docket — mostly because I’ll be writing weekly letters again! Plus Natalie’s birthday and her year-end slideshow, and hopefully a birth story after H2 arrives. Nevermind the fact that Natalie’s birth story is still unfinished…

Looking forward to setting up Natalie’s little inflatable kiddie pool this week. And then having Will take her somewhere so I can sit in it by myself. Ha! I kid. Or maybe I’m a genius.



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