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These posts are fun to write and I haven’t been doing much of that other than the Bumpdates, so let’s take a stab at doing this weekly. Hence the numbering to keep me motivated? Maybe? Let’s get right to it since I know you’re all dying to know all the super-exciting details about the life of a beached whale empowered woman who will soon bring new life into this world.

This week I am:

Getting twitchy about not having my birth center bag packed yet. More specifically, not having a BAG to bring to the birth center, since they’re all in the storage unit. Worst-case scenario we throw all our things into a garbage bag and away we go!

Listening to Natalie’s current favorite jams: Andy Grammer, Meghan Trainor, and House of Pain’s “Jump Around.” Dead serious about that last one.

Googling “early signs of labor,” which is completely useless because 1) nearly everything is ALSO a sign of just being pregnant (Having to pee a lot! Fatigue! Nausea! Nesting!), and 2) YOU’RE NOT IN LABOR ALEXIS JUST STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER.

Waiting to hear about the results of my GBS (Group B strep) at my next midwife appointment on Tuesday. I had it with Natalie and it’s not the biggest deal in the world (it just means you need an IV with antibiotics) but it’s just easier if I don’t have it this time around. One less thing to worry about.

Jumping on the “grown-up coloring book” bandwagon. Definitely fun, definitely relaxing, definitely for Mama’s use only so don’t even think about it, Natalie.

Watching Sense8 on Netflix. OMG so good. Strong language and very graphic violence and sex (I’d put it in the same category as Game of Thrones) so not for the faint of heart, but I love it so far. No word yet on whether it’s being picked up for a second season but pleeeeeaaaase, Netflix, pleeeaaaase!

Counting on one hand the number of t-shirts I own that still fit.

Refusing to spend one penny on more maternity clothes.

Napping almost daily. Thankfully no one has told me to “sleep while you still can!” because that’s kind of crappy advice for any expectant parent, and it’s not exactly like you can bank sleep for the future, but still. Napping and I are BFFs right now.

Thinking that I might actually finish the alphabet cross stitch sampler (you can check out that and my other pre-baby goals here).

Marveling at all the words Natalie knows now. It’s officially time to retire the “Silent Bob” moniker.

Loving my new iPhone! I ended up going with the iPhone 6 and holy cow is the camera about a million times better than on the 4s.

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