Bumpdate: 36 Weeks


How far along? 36 weeks

How big is baby? Nearly six pounds and about 18″ long. Supposedly the size of a head of romaine lettuce but that comparison just sounds weird.

Maternity clothes? This dress actually isn’t; I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the juniors section at Walmart. But yeah, all maternity clothes, all the time, and the pile of too-short maternity shorts is growing by the day. But I’m SO CLOSE that I refuse to buy anything new.

Stretch marks? Nope.

Sleep? Oh gosh, just terrible. I’ve started having very vivid dreams about the birth and they always end with me realizing I’ve forgotten to nurse the baby for a while day. I’m a truly terrible mother in my dreams.

Best moment this week? Will’s office invited Natalie and me to come in for a little baby shower. They were all so sweet, plus they sent me home with a pile of homemade cupcakes and a cute little baby doll and toy rocking horse for Natalie.

Miss anything? I miss not having to think about whether something is worth picking up off the floor when I drop it. I make that calculation multiple times a day. Thankfully Natalie is very helpful and likes to hand me things.

Movement? Yeah, this baby really likes sticking her butt as far out as it will go. That’s fun.

Food cravings? Not especially.

Anything making you queasy or sick? Not really, although sitting in a chair for any length of time is still kind of iffy.

Gender? Girl.

Belly Button in or out? The belly button doesn’t exist anymore.

Wedding rings on or off? On.

Happy or moody most of the time? A wee bit stressed. Between Natalie kicking the limit-testing into high gear and handling all of our mortgage paperwork, it hasn’t been the easiest week.

Looking forward to? Closing on our house and having this baby; hopefully in that order.

AHH WE ARE SO CLOSE!! I feel like weeks 36-38 are tough, because at that point you’re huge, feeling somewhere inbetween “mildly uncomfortable” and “PLEASE JUST KNOCK ME OUT UNTIL I’M IN LABOR” all the time, and your sleep is so, so bad, yet you know it’s only going to get so much worse for the next, like, year.

And yet, it’s too early to wish to actually be in labor. Most babies born at 36 weeks will be 100% ok, but they might have to spend some time at the hospital before they can go home. My mom is reading this and nodding her head vigorously, since I was born just shy of 36 weeks and spent a week in what looked like an incubator for baby chicks before they released me.

Those extra couple of weeks do make a difference, especially in how mature baby’s lungs are. So no, I don’t really want to go into labor right now. I want this kid to stay in until she’s ready to come out.

That doesn’t mean I’m not recalculating my dates and wondering if there’s any possible way I might be two weeks further along than EVERY MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL I’VE MET THUS FAR has determined.

Answer: no. No, you’re not.That is most definitely not even remotely possible. STOP TRYING TO MAKE FETCH HAPPEN, ALEXIS.

My sister made a really cute calendar for my baby shoyower last time and everyone stamped either blue footprints or pink footprints on whatever date they thought I’d have the baby, and whether they were guessing that it was a boy or a girl. No baby shower for baby #2 (welcome to a lifetime of being second-best, little one!) so no fun calendar, but I did ask my mom and my sister for their guess about the birth date.

They’re both rooting for 4th of July weekend. I’d be ok with that. That’s 39 weeks, which is full-term, and we will have closed on the house by then (most likely, anyway; still keeping our fingers crossed about that). It’s also 3 weeks from today, which sends a frisson of both fear and excitement right down my back.

People have started asking if my midwives have any predictions about when I’ll go into labor, and my standard answer is that they’re smart enough not to make any guesses. I mean, really, what good does it do? If they think I might go early, and that day comes and goes with no baby, I’m just going to be annoyed. They also don’t do cervical checks for the same reason, and I love them for that.

Tip for fellow pregnant ladies: don’t bother with the checks. Decline them even if your doctor tells you it could give an indication that you’ll have the baby soon. THEY’RE LYING. Well, ok, not lying, but it is FAR from an exact science. You could walk around 3cm dilated for a full week before having any contractions, or you could go from not dilated at all to full-blown labor later that day. My personal feeling is that they’re uncomfortable (sometimes painful, I’ve heard, but the only one I had was when I was already in labor and being admitted to the birth center, and you don’t really care at that point) and don’t give you any useful information.

So I’ll wait, and work on my 35/35 list, and do super exciting things like gather paperwork for our mortgage lender. It’ll happen soon enough and then I’ll be writing things like, “Oh dear god it was so much easier a few weeks ago; why did I wish away that time??”

Ah, hindsight.

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