Bumpdate: 32 Weeks

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How far along? 32 weeks.
How big is baby? About as big as a squash – roughly 16″ long and between two and a half and almost four pounds.
Maternity clothes? Yeah, mostly dresses. I hate everything else at this point.
Stretch marks? None, but those veins on the back of my right leg are getting worse. It looks like I have a giant bruise right behind my knee.
Sleep? Ehhhh. Not the best. I’ve entered that super-fun home stretch of pregnancy where waking up only once at night to pee is a good night. I toss and turn a lot and have trouble returning to sleep once I’ve woken up.
Best moment this week? Getting my Mother’s Day present – a FitBit!
Miss anything? Not waddling or feeling like a blimp.
Movement? Yeah, all the time.
Food cravings? None.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Not as long as I stick to dresses and stay away from anything with a maternity panel. I also have to be careful about how much time I spend sitting in a chair or in the car.
Have you started to show yet? Oh, you silly questionnaire.
Gender? Girl.
Belly Button in or out? Out. Try not to make eye contact with it when you’re talking to me.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? Per usual, mostly happy with periods of stress. In other words, real life.
Looking forward to? Having this baby! We’re a little ways off, and I’m not miserable by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m getting very excited to have this little lady join our family on the outside.

Now is the time during pregnancy when I start running mental calculations every day. If the baby is two weeks early, she’ll be here in 6 weeks! If she takes her time like Natalie, we have to wait 9 weeks! The only certainty is that the number of weeks left is in the single digits, because they won’t let me go past 42 weeks without being induced. On the flip side, if she is early, she could be here next month.


I’m not ready. Yes I am. SO READY. Maybe hold off a bit? Like around the due date? Nah, let’s get this show on the road maybe a week early – 4th of July baby!

It’s probably I good thing I actually have no say whatsoever over when this happens.

Last time I had everything ready to go almost a month before Natalie’s due date. The car seat was installed, her co-sleeper was set up in our room, all of her cloth diapers were washed and folded and put away neatly, and I had my birth center bag mostly packed, with a separate list of things that we needed to do or pack right before we left the house.

Neurotic much? Yes. Absolutely yes.

That’s not to say that I’m 100% chill this time (is that even possible? Maybe when you get to kid #5 or something?) but I’m definitely waaaaaay more laid back. Like, I’m thinking we won’t worry about installing the infant car seat until we know I’m in labor, since I frequently go places with both my mom and my sister and need the backseat of our car to not be completely taken up by car seats for several weeks. And the worst case scenario is Will installing it while we’re at the birth center, right before we go home.

And I’m fine with that. It’ll get done.

I’ll still be making a list of things to take to the birth center, but we won’t need quite as many bags as we had with us the first time around. The nurses and midwives must get such a kick out of first-time parents; I don’t think we ended up using 3/4 of the things we brought with us. I had multiple outfits in multiple different sizes, various hats and mittens, basically every electronic device in our house capable of taking pictures, books for me to read (yeah, during all that downtime we’d have), and clothes for me and Will including BATHING SUITS (?) and no, I wasn’t having a water birth.

It’s quite possible I’ll be throwing things in a bag in between contractions this time around. And that bag will be for Natalie to take with her to my parents. Meanwhile, I’ll wind up at the birth center with nothing except four different Chapsticks that Natalie has mashed her finger into and an 18-month onesie because it’s all I could find.

The good news is that you really don’t need much stuff to have a baby, or to take the baby home. Car seat, some diapers, and something for her to wear. Of course, there’s the other stuff that the people around you will be very glad you remembered to bring, like deodorant. But I truly can’t think of a single thing that I left behind and was later kicking myself for.

WAIT NO NOT TRUE. Our birth center didn’t have a cafeteria, and this one doesn’t either, so you’re responsible for bringing your own food. I had an assortment of snacks and drinks with me, but no actual meal. I didn’t eat much during labor, but a few hours after Natalie was born, I was FAMISHED. And had nothing to eat except half a Larabar. So Will had to drive his sleep-deprived, I’ve-been-up-all-night-supporting-my-laboring-wife self to Panera, where he got me two grilled cheese sandwiches and a giant lemonade.

I still drool thinking about that meal. Seriously the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. I swear I ate both sandwiches in about thirty seconds. Labor is very aptly named in that it is HARD WORK that makes you HUNGRY.

So this time we’re bringing bread and cheese so Will can MAKE me a sandwich at the birth center.

Kidding. Mostly. Does Panera deliver?


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