Saturday Snapshots: The Water Table

Bathing suits? And a water table? In April? And NO ONE got hypothermia?


My grandparents (whose house we are currently squatting in lovingly taking care of for the time being) bought this water table as a “welcome to Tennessee” present for Natalie. The manufacturer only sent half the parts and exactly none of the hardware, so we had to wait a little bit for everything to arrive + the weather to be beautiful + the motivation to supervise such an activity. Today was Natalie’s lucky day.


Are you kidding me right now, child? You put that face away right this instant and I don’t want to see you looking all grown up like that until you’re, like, 35.

N-watertableweb-02  Waterboarding the poor little Fisher Price people.

N-watertableweb-04 N-watertableweb-05 N-watertableweb-07 N-watertableweb-08 N-watertableweb-09 N-watertableweb-10
I can’t even get waves like that with a curling iron.

Maybe she’s born with it.

Maybe it’s Maybelline yogurt leftover from snack time.

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