Bumpdate: 27 Weeks

2015-04-11 14.26.33How far along? 27 weeks.
How big is baby? The size of a head of lettuce – 14″ long and between 1.5 and 2.5 pounds.
Maternity clothes? Yes, and at this point I’ve had to retire all my non-maternity tops that I’ve been squeezing myself into thus far. Womp womp. The dress in this week’s photo is from Target and I love love looooooove it; so comfy.
Stretch marks? No, but I’m thinking that I won’t be avoiding them this time around.
Sleep? All over the map, more because of how crazy life has been than because of anything pregnancy-related.
Best moment this week? Arriving in Tennessee!
Miss anything? Not really.
Movement? This kid will probably break one of my ribs before she’s born. Natalie was always very active but this one is already kicking so hard it hurts. I’m scared for what this means a month or two from now…hold me, but not too closely or she’ll kick you too.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Nope.
Gender? Girl.
Belly Button in or out? Out, no question.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy – now that our move is done I feel like a ton of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders.
Looking forward to? My first appointment at the new birth center, which is still TBD due to a paperwork snafu from my midwife’s office in MA. Crossing my fingers this all gets resolved very soon, since I’m due for the gestational diabetes test and my rhogam shot in two weeks or less. Not that I’m looking forward to THOSE things, but I’m excited to meet my new midwife.

Ok, I knew that I’d gotten bigger since my last update, but oh yes I am for sure pregnant. And starting to feel it, too. I’m waddling just a little bit. I hate that.

Other than the waddling I still feel great, even if putting on socks is becoming more challenging and painting my toenails requires a much greater time investment than a month or two ago.

It’s odd to look around this new house and realize, this is where we’ll be living when we become a family of four. Of course, we’ll be moving again once we find a house of our own to buy, since this is just a temporary living arrangement, but if you say the word “packing” around me right now I might throw up, so let’s not think about that at the moment.

I’ve done no preparation for this baby, with the exception of purchasing two things at a thrift store the other day that were just too cute to be left behind. And, to be totally honest, it’s super freeing not to be thinking about the baby alllllllll the time. With Natalie I spent so much time painstakingly assembling a registry, researching baby products, and stalking the baby and maternity deal-a-day sites. This time, though? Not so much. We have everything we need, except for a convertible car seat and a double jogging stroller. Natalie outgrew her infant seat at four months, so if her sister is anything like her, we have a bit of time. As for the stroller, I’m keeping my eyes on consignment sales and Craigslist, because double joggers are expensive like WOAH.

But everything else is here. It’s not exactly ready, since it’s all packed in totes, but we have plenty of time to take care of that later.

Overall I’m very much at peace with this pregnancy. I’m not stressed about labor, or even about life with a newborn. I have a few postpartum mental health concerns, but I’m hopeful that much of the anxiety and angst I felt the first time will be alleviated with a much stronger support network this time.

Mostly I just feel like I have a LOT of things I want to accomplish before this baby arrives, so I’m just going to keep on plugging along as much as I can. I probably won’t get all of it done, and that’s ok. Such is life.

We’ll see how long this zen-like state keeps up. Hopefully my next update will still be calm and not EVERYBODY PANIC ABOUT ALL THE THINGS. But I’m not making aaaaaany promises.

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