Around Here

Packing all the things. We’re now eating off paper plates. This just got real, people.

Tracking the forecast, since apparently were STILL not done with snow? B’SCUSE ME?

Listening to the epic road trip mix of awesomeness that my sister and I put together for the drive to Tennessee. It’s pretty much just pop songs from the 90s and 2000s. Be still my heart. And my feet, because I can’t stop dancing.

Burpee-ing at Mama Beasts, since my days of being able to do that are alllllmost over.

Dreading 15 hours in the car with the cats and Natalie. Love you all, but that’s a LOT of together time.

Hoping Natalie likes the magnadoodle and sticker pad and other various and sundry items we’re hoping will hold her attention for longer than it takes to pull out of the driveway.

Reading the books I bought at the thrift store that are supposed to be my entertainment for the trip. Oops.

Gleefully anticipating the TRUE SPRING that awaits us in TN. Mama is ready to transition from awful full-panel maternity jeans to skirts.

Saying goodbye for now to far too many dear friends. This part really sucks.

Not blogging. Sorry. I’m almost a month behind with Natalie’s letter, and I owe you a bumpdate. It’s coming! I promise!

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