A Change of Heart and Home, as told by GIFs

My uncle and his family moved to Knoxville, Tennessee, about seven years ago. Will and I were like, Tennessee? Really?

My uncle kept talking it up. He said the weather was beautiful, the people were so nice, and it was roughly 1,000,000 times better than living in New England. Will and I had been talking about moving to North Carolina, and besides, Tennessee is…Tennessee. So we were all:

Fast forward several years later. My uncle was STILL talking up Knoxville and encouraging everyone to move there. And my parents were listening, and thinking, and planning. And they decided to do it. They were moving to Tennessee. I was simply:

That’s great, but not for us.

I got pregnant and shortly before we announced the baby-to-be, my parents announced that they’d be moving to TN in August 2013. Which was five weeks after Natalie was born. The timing wasn’t great, but that wasn’t anybody’s fault. What’re you gonna do?

We’d be fine. Right, it would be ok? Right? Right. Except, it wasn’t really. It was really hard and I felt incredibly isolated and alone, especially when the snow began to fall and I was housebound because I was convinced that taking Natalie anywhere would result in slipping on ice and falling and crushing her.

In retrospect I think I was dealing with some undiagnosed postpartum anxiety and/or possibly depression.

Winter passed, agonizingly slowly, and my parents’ reports of barely any snow and balmy February temperatures were really starting to get to me. We flew my mom up for nearly a week in early March so I wouldn’t have to be by myself while Will was traveling for business, and I was a blubbering mess when we dropped her off at the airport so she could return home.

We booked tickets to fly to Knoxville in April. It was 80 degrees the first day we were there (unseasonably warm, I was told, but WHO CARES).

I could get used to that.

Will and I talked. And talked and talked and talked some more. And he started looking at jobs in Knoxville.

Some interesting things popped up, and some not so interesting ones, but nothing came of any of them. He looked as far away as University of North Carolina before I came to my senses and realized that being five hours away from my family was not much better than our current situation (although the weather would be much nicer). So once again he tightened the net and focused his search in Knoxville.

Spring turned to summer, and we returned to Knoxville in August for my cousin’s wedding. Will found a few more jobs to apply to while we were there, and a few more when we returned. The weeks marched on. I was beginning to lose hope that he’d ever find anything, and we’d be stuck in Boston foreverrrrrrr.

In November, Will was contacted about one of the jobs. The questions were a little odd and we didn’t think anything would come of it. And then in December he heard back from them: they wanted to fly him to Tennessee for an interview.

I was cautiously optimistic.

STILL we didn’t really think it would come to fruition, for a variety of reasons that I won’t get into here.

He flew to TN on my birthday for his interview, and then we waited.

I’m sure you know where this is going, because I wouldn’t have made such a GIF-heavy post otherwise.



Now we have to sell our house, pack up everything we own (including three cats and a toddler), and get everyone to TN. When I think about everything that has to be done I get completely overwhelmed.

It’s a lot. And it all has to happen by April 1, because that’s when this wagon train is leaving. So I’m making list after list after list, and creating a timeline, and Craigslisting most of our possessions. Just trying to take it one step at a time. Yeah, this is why one of my February goals is “declutter ENTIRE HOUSE,” because time is NOT on our side for that one.

We’ll get it done because we have to. And the road trip will probably be awful, because cats.


And because toddler. But then it will be DONE and we’ll be there, and we’ll have family members aplenty to watch Natalie. And help with the baby once H2 arrives.

And, most importantly, this will be a thing of the past:

GO VOLS! Just kidding, I still hate sports. Unless these guys are involved:

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  1. Britta February 12, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    Good for you!
    Tennessee is gorgeous – Your uncle is a very wise man :-)

    • Alexis February 12, 2015 at 5:19 pm #

      Thank you so much, Britta! Is IS gorgeous, you’re completely right, and we’re so excited! Hopefully I will have more time to blog with people to watch Natalie…plus not having to shovel :)

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