January Update and February Goals


Early in January I shared my goals for the year, but didn’t detail specifically what I wanted to accomplish in January. Setting yearly goals is great and a very good start, but I know that I won’t get much done if I don’t break it down month by month.

So here’s how January went (spoiler alert: solidly mediocre).

Lights out by 9:45 p.m.; awake and out of bed by 6:30 a.m.

I started strong on this one, I really did…and then just kind of gave up. For a number of reasons, but mostly because I got lazy and tired and stressed and stayed up late and slept as late as Natalie would allow, leading to more laziness and fatigue and stress. THAT worked out well. I even made a chart in my planner to mark off the days that I accomplished this, and stopped updating it halfway through the month.

Catch up on August and September 2014 Project Life.

I’m counting this as done — the exact terms of the goal, no, but the overall spirit, yes. I haven’t done any journaling for August and September, but ALL my pictures for August, September, October, November, AND December are in the album with all journaling and filler cards at the ready.

Make a budget for January and hold at least one finance review meeting with Will. Update YNAB every day.

Done! I’m very proud of this one, since I’ve struggled so much with it in the past. But I did check in on our finances every single day, update the software every single day, and had one “official” check-in with Will (along with several smaller “hey this is how we’re doing in this budget category” updates.

Go to every Mama Beast workout.

Almost — I missed two workouts due to genuine sickness, and one was cancelled because of the stupid blizzard so obviously NO ONE went to that one. But I didn’t skip any out of sheer laziness/I just don’t feeeeeeeel like it.

Finish Natalie’s birth story.

Nope. Didn’t write a single word on this one.

Read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and start implementing the system.

Read it, loved it, started working on it. If you missed my post about how folding my underwear is changing my life, that’s definitely worth a read.

Paint Natalie’s room.

No, only because we left it until the very last day of the month and then discovered that the paint (left in the house by the previous owners) was so old that the paint can was welded shut.

Plan one date.

Yes, and it was lovely. We went out for (cooked) sushi, I nursed a tiny glass of Pinot Grigiot, and we talked about all kinds of things, both Big Things and Little Things. So glad we made this one happen.

Get a haircut.

Finally! This is my third haircut in the 18 months since Natalie was born. For some reason I just don’t make it a priority, even though I always feel better after I go.


  • File taxes.
  • Declutter the whole house, category by category. Based on what kind of stuff we have and the recommendations from The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (affiliate link), these are the categories:
    • Natalie’s baby clothes
    • craft supplies
    • exercise equipment
    • papers
    • kitchen stuff
    • toiletries/medication
    • electronics
    • holiday decor/Christmas ornaments
    • CDs/DVDs/board games
    • miscellaneous
  • Blog three times per week.
  • Stick to 6:30 a.m. wakeup/9:45 p.m. bedtime.
  • Finish January 2015 Project Life pages.
  • Finish one month’s worth of 2014 Project Life pages.
  • Make list of all financial account numbers, passwords, login information, etc. (gotta get started on that legacy planning!)
  • Paint Natalie’s room.

Off we go!

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