Sunday Snapsnots: Winter Wonderland

We had our first “big” snowstorm of the season yesterday — not “big” by Boston standards, but in the sense that it’s the first storm that will actually leave snow on the ground. We made it allllllmost all the way through January with NO accumulation.

So much for that. Boo. Hiss.

The upshot is that Natalie thought the snow was absolutely MAGICAL, and I was able to see it through her eyes…

…for the fifteen minutes we spent outside…

…after spending half an hour getting all of us suited up.

Natalie-snow-web03Natalie-snow-web04Natalie-snow-web05Natalie-snow-web02 Natalie-snow-web06 Natalie-snow-web07Natalie-snow-web10Natalie-snow-web11Natalie-snow-web08 natalie-snow-web12


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