Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

How far along? 14 weeks.
How big is baby? 1.5 ounces, and about the size of a lemon.
Maternity clothes? Heck yes. Forever and always!
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep? Better this past week, actually. I’ve gone several nights in a row without having to get up and pee at 3 a.m. Pregnancy insomnia still strikes several times a week, leaving me wide awake for an hour in the early morning. HATE that.
Best moment this week? Two of my amazing, lovely friends strong-armed me into setting up an appointment next week for my very first ever prenatal massage. They’re kicking me out of the house so I can get pampered while they hang out with Natalie.
Miss anything? Actually…no. Not at the moment. I’m drinking coffee again (half-caf so Will doesn’t have to peel me off the ceiling every day when he comes home from work) and that’s nice to have back in my life. Overall I’m a pretty laid-back pregnant lady and I’m not really avoiding anything except, you know, recreational drugs. I personally don’t feel comfortable drinking at all during the first trimester, but now that I’ve crossed that threshold I will gladly (and very slowly) partake in a half glass of Riesling on the rare occasion that we have some in the house. So nope, not feeling very deprived of anything right now.
Movement? I don’t think so, but a few times during the last few nights (and only at night) I’ve felt the tiniest of tiny little flutters. Could be gas, sure, but at this point in a second pregnancy it could actually be the baby. I have a feeling I’ll know for sure before my next update.
Food cravings? Fried eggs on toast. The other night I leapt off the couch at 9 p.m. to fry myself an egg because I couldn’t go on living for one more minute without it. I also decided today that carrots sounded really good, so I peeled a carrot, chopped off the ends, and ate the whole thing while watching Top Chef.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Cat food, still! I still make an attempt most nights to feed the cats myself, since I feel bad foisting their entire care on Will. Some nights it’s fine; other nights I start gagging and have to run to the other side of the house since that foul, chicken-y smell FOLLOWS ME. Ick.
Have you started to show yet? Yes, although over the past few weeks I feel like it has actually gone down a bit. I think that’s because the crazy first-tri bloating has started to recede, and what’s left is the beginnings of a real baby bump.
Gender? No idea. Team Green!
Belly Button in or out? In, mostly.
Wedding rings on or off? On.
Happy or moody most of the time? Happy! Obnoxiously so, I think. I still cry at almost all commercials, even ones that aren’t supposed to be tear-jerkers.
Looking forward to? My massage next week!! I’ve never had a professional massage in my life, so I’m excited but also a tad nervous. And tomorrow is my birthday. Bring it on, 30!

I am in absolute shock that I’m in the second trimester. It arrived a few days sooner than expected, since after the ultrasound for our Early Risk Assessment (everything looks great!), my midwife bumped up my due date to July 8th instead of the 11th. In the grand scheme of babies, this means absolutely nothing. It definitely doesn’t mean H2 will be arriving three days earlier — I doubt he or she got that memo. So I’m going to continue doing my photos and updates on Saturdays, since that works well for me.

*whispers* I think the morning sickness is gone.

Well…except for one day this week, when I actually threw up for the first time this whole pregnancy. I haven’t worn my Sea-Bands for a week and a half, and except for that one day, I’ve felt really, really good. My energy is coming back, I feel more motivated (although that’s probably a combination of 2nd tri + the goal-setting high from January 1), and I’m hardly napping at all. I’ve made some changes to my daily routine that could probably account for some of that, but still…I’ll take it!

I really can’t complain, though. This pregnancy has definitely been easier so far than it was with Natalie, and I thought that I was lucky the first time around. I’m one of those women who really, truly enjoys being pregnant (SO OBNOXIOUS I KNOW). Do I cherish each and every moment? No. And I can’t say that I’m looking forward to the stage where I’m so big that putting on shoes is an endeavor that requires careful planning and maneuvering.

(That’s a huge benefit to a summer baby: No socks! No pants! Flip-flops forever!)

But pregnancy is not super difficult for me, and I know how amazingly lucky I am to be able to say that. I love it.

Bring it on, second tri! I’m ready for you.

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