Dear Natalie: 17 Months


Dear Natalie,

Merry Christmas! We know that you won’t have any specific memories of this Christmas when you’re older, but we think it was a pretty great one all the same.

Your Grammy and Grampa flew up from Tennessee and stayed with us for a few days, and we all trekked up to Vermont to celebrate Christmas with Grampa’s side of the family. Everyone LOVED seeing you — and who wouldn’t? YOU’RE ADORABLE.

Many of them hadn’t seen you since last Christmas, and to say that you’ve grown a little since then is a bit of an understatement. Last year you were also adorable, but you just kind of sat there, because that’s what five-month-olds do. This year, though, you determinedly walked around like you owned the place, emptying and refilling small tubs of bows over and over and over again.

You circled around and around the house, waiting for someone to give you more pieces of cheese. You kind of understood the concepts of presents, although the concept of yours vs. not yours was a little unclear. Once we showed you how to do it (and started a little corner for you), you got the hang of opening presents and had a great time tearing into things. Even things that didn’t belong to you, but that’s a lesson for the future.

I just can’t get over how relaxed this Christmas was compared to last year. Last year, we were…hmm, how to put this nicely: completely brain-dead from sleep deprivation. Other than a slight wrinkle on Christmas Eve this year, you slept just as well as you normally do. We’re in a really good place right now, Natalie, and although I know it won’t last forever (sleep regressions are inevitable!), I’m really, really grateful for how amazing everything is right now.

So even though you won’t remember this Christmas, I will. I’ll remember your shrieks of laughter as Grammy chased you around the kitchen, your crazy dancing moves, the wonder on your face as you inspected the Christmas tree, and the solid weight of your body in my arms when you got tired and just needed to spend some time with mom.

I’ll remember your obsession with your new books, and you pressing the same ones into our hands over and over again to read to you. I’ll remember how cute you looked in your little Christmas dress and pigtails.

But most of all I’ll remember how full my heart is when I look at you and your dad. The two of you are my world and there’s no one I’d rather celebrate Christmas with.

Love always,

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