Handprint Christmas Ornament FAIL

A few weeks ago I had the CUTEST idea: we would make handprint ornaments for the whole family! Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and of course, one for our own tree.

I found this tutorial from You’re So Martha, and it only called for three ingredients. YES! I can so handle that.

I mixed everything up, carefully rolled it out, placed it in front of Natalie, and took her tiny, perfect hand in mine to press it into the dough.

She wrenched her hand from mine with a squawk.

Try, try again. YANK. 

And again. She slammed her fist down into the dough.

And again. She grabbed the edges of the baking mat and flipped it over onto itself.

At this point I had abandoned my dream of a half dozen perfect ornaments just wanted ONE halfway decent one for our own tree.

I took the dough away, re-rolled it, and tried one final time.

She tried to push the baking mat off her high chair tray. NOPE.

So we moved on to plan B, which involved finding furrier, more willing volunteers.

2014-12-07 14.15.17-1

They turned out great and now hang on our tree as a reminder to not put all your Christmas eggs in one handmade basket.

Especially when they depend so heavily on the cooperation of a toddler.

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