Dear Natalie: 16 Months


Dear Natalie,

Oh man, do I love you at 16 months. You’re my little helper and it’s amazing.

Granted, it takes ten times as long to do anything with your help. I choose to see it as an investment in your future helpfulness, when you’ll actually be, you know, helpful.

You’re very single-minded about your tasks, which is definitely a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you won’t rest until every piece of clean Tupperware has been removed from the dishwasher and placed in the Tupperware drawer. On the other hand, you won’t rest until every piece of DIRTY Tupperware has been removed from the dishwasher and placed in the Tupperware drawer.

Yeah, we re-wash a LOT of Tupperware.

You also really like feeding the cats, which usually really means, “gently patting their food with the scoop and then dumping an empty scoop into their bowls.” You’re a big fan of reorganizing their cans of wet food, an activity that has come to a stop since we replaced the cabinet where we keep their food with one that you can’t open.


A few weeks ago you pulled all the wet food out of the basket into a giant pile on the floor. I asked you to put the cans away. You diligently did just that, carefully picking up one can at a time and dropping it into the basket. Until you got to the last 3-4 cans, anyway, and decided you’d had quite enough of that. You dropped the can in your hand, signed “ALL DONE,” and walked away.

I think that was the Natalie equivalent of a mic drop.

Putting things away is your favorite. Tupperware, cat food, diapers, blocks, shoes (especially shoes!) — anything and everything. I don’t know many kids your age who are as fastidious as you are, so it’s quite funny to watch you work so quietly and industriously.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should probably tell you that “neat” and “fastidious” are two words that have never, ever been used to describe me. I’m not known for picking up after myself, although I have made great strides since I met your dad. It’s not something that comes naturally to me, so I LOVE to see that, for the moment, at least, you’re a PRO.

You just want to be involved in and help with everything we do, and we do our best to accommodate that wish. We have a limited number of years while emptying the dishwasher is a SUPER! EXCITING! ACTIVITY! and you can bet we’ll take full advantage of that.

Love always,

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