Bumpdate: 6 Weeks

IMG_3259.JPGObviously I have no bump, because at six weeks the baby is about 3mm long. That doesn’t mean I’m not unbuttoning my pants by the end of the day and imaging that my bloat is a cute little baby bump. But it’s still fun to take pictures so I can look back later and say, “ok, yeah, I thought I was showing then but I totally wasn’t.”

That’s what happened last time. When I scrapbooked my 11-week photo I added a little arrow sticker with the caption, “hello bump!” HA HA HA HA NO.

I usually start to draft blog posts in my head before I sit down to type them out, and yesterday my brain was filled with phrases like, “I don’t even feel pregnant!” and “no symptoms so far!”

I’m sincerely sorry for ever thinking those thoughts, because karma bludgeoned me with the morning sickness stick overnight.

I knew it was coming. Last time around I started feeling sick right at 6 weeks, too. And then after struggling through for a week, I broke down and bought a pair of Sea Bands, and only took them off to shower until I was almost 15 weeks. Some people have mixed results with them but they really worked for me, so I was ready with them this time around. I even brought them to Tennessee with me, just in case the morning sickness party started early.

Yesterday I woke up feeling fine, but started to get nervous when a headache started growing in my temple. I drank a bunch of water, had lunch, and took some tylenol, because that’s really the only medicine you can take while you’re pregnant. For my headaches that’s the equivalent of throwing kitty litter in the air and calling it no-headache fairy dust, so I also said a little prayer.

Which went completely ignored, because I had to retreat to bed during Natalie’s nap and huddled there in the dark for almost an hour. Didn’t help at all. This, for me, was one of the worst parts of pregnancy last time. My morning sickness certainly wasn’t fun, but it was tolerable. The headaches, though? They lasted for days at a time, a combination of going into caffeine withdrawal because coffee made me sick, and of being deprived of my beloved Advil.

This morning I woke up feeling kind of ok, and munched on some Life cereal I’d put on my bedside table in the middle of the night. A common recommendation for morning sickness is to eat something before you even get out of bed, so I decided to give that a try. I won’t say it was a failure but I also don’t know if it did anything, since I was able to eat a small breakfast but only the blandest of the bland: plain toast and a single scrambled egg.

Clearly this needs further experimentation, and if last time is any indication, I have PLENTY of time to tinker with my routine.

The next few weeks are going to be tough, I think. This part is rough: you feel like crap but you can’t tell anyone WHY, because no one knows you’re pregnant yet. Which isn’t entirely true: we’ve told our parents and I tipped off the amazing women that teach my workout class, because even this early in the pregnancy, I’d prefer for the people who supervise my workouts to know what’s going on.

My first appointment has been scheduled for mid-December and I’m SO EXCITED. We’ll be going to the birth center again with the same midwife, and I can’t wait to see her. The birth center has this super old-school ultrasound machine that I think is from the 1980s, and for my first appointment with Natalie, our midwife wheeled it into my exam room and let us take a peek. She spread the cold goop on my stomach and maneuvered the wand around while our eyes were glued to the screen. Searching, searching…and there it was. A tiny little group of flickering pixels: Natalie’s heartbeat.

And that was the moment it became real for me, despite eating practically nothing except toast and oatmeal for weeks, despite having a textbook pregnancy where my symptoms exactly followed the typical timeline, despite all those tests with two bright pink lines. That was when I realized…HOLY CRAP THERE’S A BABY IN THERE.


Thirty-four weeks to go.




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