Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from Toothless the Dragon…toothless-web

…who also does yardwork, apparently.

Our Halloween is going to be very low-key this year. Not quite as chill as last year, when I knit Natalie a bunny hat, gave candy to three trick-or-treaters, and called it a night, but there’s still not that much going on.

2013-10-31 17.38.49-2I did put a little more effort into her costume this year, since she’s mobile and able to wear something a bit more complicated, but still young enough to not care one whit for how she’s dressed.

Man, do I love this age.

We won’t be trick-or-treating, though, since she wouldn’t get to eat any of the candy and would probably think we were punishing her by making her walk up to strange people in strange houses. She’s a bit shy like that. The extent of our festivities is a small costume party at Will’s office this afternoon, and that sounds great to me.

One we get home we’ll start handing out candy, and by that I mean the three Kitkats left in the bag that I haven’t eaten yet.

First come, first served, kids!


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  1. Camille November 6, 2014 at 4:49 pm #

    Talk about the most darling costume ever!

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