Sunday Snapshots: A Day at the Farm


We went to a local farm today, because naturally one’s thoughts turn to autumnal activities when the forecast predicts an 85 degree weekend. Next week we’ll return to our regularly-scheduled dismal fall cold and gloom (I’m not a fan of fall; does it show?), but with such a gorgeous day we really wanted to take advantage of the sunshine.

Saying we spent a day at the farm is a bit of a stretch, but “90 minutes at the farm” just didn’t have the same ring to it. Natalie was fantastic — no meltdowns, just quiet curiosity punctuated with moments of pure joy. For better or for worse, however, she’s still on a pretty regular nap schedule that we try not to mess with unless absolutely necessary. Hence, only an hour and a half before we returned home for lunch and a nap.

I’m reasonably certain that if you live in New England, you’re required by law to take a picture of your child in a pumpkin patch sometime during the month of September. I’m very sorry to say that I somehow missed this photo op. We got goats, grapes, and games; no pumpkins (at least none in the same frame as Natalie). SORRY SORRY SO SORRY I’LL REMEMBER NEXT YEAR I PROMISE.


I know Will looks like a headless creeper hiding behind the beanbag toss game, but I assure you that’s not actually the case.

lookoutfarm-v-1  lookoutfarm02 lookoutfarm03

So pretty, and yet, I hate it so. I can appreciate fall in and of itself in a very limited way, but knowing that it will inevitably lead to winter is just….ugggggh.

lookoutfarm06  lookoutfarm09lookoutfarm07Try to contain your enthusiasm, Natalie.

lookoutfarm08  lookoutfarm10lookoutfarm13 lookoutfarm11



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