Natalie is One! | A Family Photoshoot


Last weekend we met up with my dear friend and photographer extraordinaire, Beth Oram. She’s been there to capture some of the most important times of our life thus far: our wedding, my pregnancy, and Natalie as a teeny-tiny baby, only four days old. So OF COURSE I called her to set up a photoshoot (and cake smash!) for Natalie’s first birthday.

We all know I’m completely incapable of just letting the photos speak for themselves, but in this case, I did my best. Because they really do.

oram_140816_1181 n-is-one1oram_140816_1210 n-is-one4oram_140816_1605


Outtakes. Heh.


OHMYGOD THIS KID. I just want to eat her squishy little face off.


The cake smash was fantastic! This girl will try almost anything you put in front of her, so I knew we’d have no trouble getting her to eat the cake. She was surprisingly delicate and scooped off handful after handful of frosting, barely touching the cake itself.


And then when she decided she was all done…


Here, you take this. I’m all set.

Beth is the bomb diggity and if you have happy memories that need capturing, she’s the photographer for the job. Because happy is kind of her speciality. You can find her website here, and definitely be sure to follow her on facebook, too.

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