Dear Natalie: Week 49

Dear Natalie,

You are wonderful and amazing and seeing your smiling face in the morning absolutely makes the rest of my day.

But, just maybe –I’m only asking hypothetically– that smiling face could stay asleep past 5:30 a.m.?

Just a thought.

I think that right now you’re teething AND slowly migrating to just one nap a day, so your schedule is all over the map. I’m napping! I’m not! I’m so tired! Just kidding! WHY AM I AWAKE RIGHT NOW.

This is partly my fault. When we go to our workout class, you have to take just one nap. I had been putting you down at 8 a.m. so you could sleep for 45 minutes before we left, but that just doesn’t work anymore. So, we streeeeetch out your awake time until we’re back home and we’ve had some lunch, which brings us to around noon. Single naps for you are usually in the 2+ hour range…unless a furry little ingrate who shall not be named (ROO ROO ROO IT WAS ROO) plants himself outside your door and yowls sweet nothings until you sit bolt upright and start to cry.

But on days when we don’t workout, you have a much harder time staying awake and usually take two naps. I can see how your internal clock would be confused having one schedule for half the week and a different schedule the rest of the time.

This week, though, you’ve been boycotting that second nap…which makes for a loooooong day. And just to make things that much more fun, you’ve been waking up ridiculously early. Today your tired body decided I JUST CAN’T EVEN and you are currently over an hour into your second nap. And you slept til 6 a.m.


As always, I feel the need to bracket these observations with it could be worse. Now that you’re sleeping through the night, we rarely hear anything from you between the hours of 7:30 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. Would I like you to sleep til 7 a.m.? Of course! Heck yes! Sign me up! But, all things considered, everything is going quite well.

I promise you won’t miss out on anything if you sleep a little later.  Give it a little consideration, won’t you?

Love always,


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