Saturday Snapshots: Water Baby

Swim lessons have come to an end. While smelling like a pool every Monday was certainly not my favorite thing, I’m so glad we went. Natalie had a great time and is definitely a lot more comfortable in the water than she was when we started.

Will came along for our last lesson so I was able to mamarazzi it up from the side of the pool.

Natalie-swim08 Natalie-swim07 natalie-swim2 Natalie-swim01 Natalie-swim04Natalie-swim03Natalie-swim06


For those curious about Natalie’s bathing suit, it’s called the Babywarma by Konfidence. She’s wearing the 6-12 month size and as you can see in some of the pictures, she’s actually a little short for the length of the suit but fills it out quite well width-wise. You can undo the velcro and lay the whole suit completely flat to dress or undress your baby, which really comes in handy – no struggling with pulling chubby baby legs through a wet swimsuit at the end of class. It’s also made out of wetsuit material, so it’s a lot warmer than a regular swimsuit. It’s really not that much more expensive than a baby bathing suit from Old Navy, and will absolutely be worn by future kiddos since it’s very well made. I give it two pruney thumbs up!


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