Quick Takes: Tea, Bottles, and ENOUGH WITH THE WINTER ALREADY


Over the course of the past month Natalie has finally dropped one of her nighttime feedings and is now waking up twice to eat instead of three times. This is, admittedly, still not all that great for an 8-month old who has been hanging out above the growth chart her entire life, but it’s better than it was. I will take progress where I can get it.

2014-03-10 08.06.06-2

(This is what she looks like when I wake her up in the morning. Groggy much?)


At the repeated urgings of everyone in the entire world, I have turned over the responsibility for one of the night feedings to Will. It was his idea and god bless him for it, because IT’S WORKING. Natalie’s history of taking a bottle is…not good, so this is really, really good news.

In the interest of full disclosure, I feel like this is mostly my fault. Knowing full well that I would be staying home with her, I was lazy and didn’t offer the bottle as much as I should have in those early months. I’ve also been terrible about taking time for myself, so the end result is a baby that has been fed exclusively from the tap her whole life except for one day.

(If you’re doing the math in your head, that means that except for that one day, I haven’t spent more than a few hours away from her. In eight months. I adore my daughter but this is not healthy, kids. Do as I say, not as I do.)

Also, I hate pumping, and I know I am the only mom in the whole history of the world who doesn’t LOVE being hooked up to a machine like a barnyard animal. You’re exposed, tethered to one spot, and measuring your worth as a mother ounce-by-ounce. What’s not to love?


Ok back to Will’s adventures in bottlefeeding, because that backstory was a whole bullet point all by itself. This week I’ve been preparing a bottle in the evenings for Will to give to Natalie the first time she wakes up to eat, which is normally around 11pm. The first night she chose to skip that feeding entirely, slept til 2am, and then drained the bottle. We did a happy dance, thinking that maybe she was dropping that first feeding all on her own.

Hope springs eternal, no matter how many times your baby bashes you over the head with reality.

NOPE NOPE NOPE. Every night since then has been, well, not so great. In Natalie’s defense, there’s something else going on. Either she’s teething, or her tummy is having a hard time getting used to the solid food she is suddenly swallowing with gusto, or it’s developmental thing — she’s soooooo close to crawling and I think it’s driving her a little bit nuts.

But the bottom line is she’s taken a bottle, a whole bottle, from Will every night. The tentative plan is to gradually reduce how much milk is in the bottle until she decides that it’s just not worth waking up for. We’re taking a short trip in a few weeks and my hope (still springing eternal!) is that we can gradually get her down to just one night waking by then.


2014-03-19 16.30.46-2

When my mom visited the highlight of her trip was cleaning my kitchen. We didn’t just clean; we took everything out of the cabinets, donated a bunch of stuff, and reorganized everything. We also checked expiration dates on all of our food and many of my teas needed to be pitched. Insert sad panda face here.

So I treated myself to some new teas from Republic of Tea. Good lord do I love their tea. I tried some new things: SUPER CAFFEINATED toasted coconut black tea, a sweet lemon chiffon green tea, a little traveler’s tin of refreshing kiwi pear, and a sampler box of some individual teas that I wasn’t quite sure enough about to purchase a whole box.

Verdict? AWESOME. I drink the toasted coconut tea every morning, since I’ve decided I drink too much coffee (switching to highly caffeinated tea makes no sense, I’m aware of that, but at least I’m not going through a gallon of coffee creamer every three days). The lemon chiffon is my after-dinner tea, in theory to replace dessert, but I’ve found it actually goes quite well with a handful of cookies. I’m saving the kiwi pear for warmer days, because it makes really, really good iced tea.


2014-03-24 08.14.12-2

Back to the goober. This picture is a bit deceptive, because even though she is clearly insanely proud of herself, I didn’t wander in after her nap and discover her like this. She was sitting in her crib while I was putting away her laundry, and she pulled herself up from there. She hasn’t yet figured out how to sit up from a laying down position, and I’m extremely grateful for that.

In her overwhelming excitement she forgot that she needed to hold on and released both of her hands in a fit of joy. She teetered for two long seconds before capsizing and bonking her head on the side of the crib, sitting in stunned silence for a moment and then releasing a fire engine wail.

(She’s fine and was back to her smiley self a few minutes later.)


2014-03-09 17.48.24 2014-03-09 17.54.33

You think I have a bit of a ham on my hands? That picture on the left makes my heart ache. It also makes me a little twitchy because I accidentally put her romper on backwards. Lest you think it was warm enough for her to actually wear these clothes, HA, I laugh at you. And weep just a little bit. She’s only modeling outfits for said upcoming trip.


2014-03-14 16.00.56-2


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  1. Britta April 2, 2014 at 11:27 am #

    Oh my Gosh, your daughter is soooo cute!!!

  2. wilma April 4, 2014 at 4:32 am #

    Natalie is excited for spring!

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