Dear Natalie: Week 33

Dear Natalie,

Let me preface this by saying that you are a wondrous being who is growing and developing and making connections and figuring things out all the time. It is a genuine privilege to witness your evolution.

That being said, OH MY GOD CHILD, PLEASE SIT STILL. Just for one moment. Mommy would really like to use the bathroom for 30 seconds without you attempting to rattle the slats of your crib and carrying on like you’ve been wrongly imprisoned for a life sentence.

We had such a good run from when you learned how to sit up on your own until now. Our laundry room is about 15 feet from the living room, so I could set you down with a few pillows around you and a toy in front of you, and you’d play happily for the one minute it took me to start a load of laundry. Or I could get some work done on the computer with you sitting in your hastily-constructed pillow palace and grinning at me.

Those halcyon days are gone, however, as I can’t set you down anywhere without you lunging forward onto your hands and knees (kind of – the exact leg placement still eludes you). You teeter there for as long as a minute or two before eventually either sliding slowly forward onto your belly or face-planting into the rug.

The only thing stopping you from crawling is the fact that when you shift your weight onto your hands, you don’t spread your feet apart. They stay touching, sole-to-sole, forcing you to balance awkwardly and without a solid foundation.

Honestly, I don’t think it’ll take you very long to figure this out. You went from showing zero interest in crawling to MUST MASTER THIS SKILL NOW in a matter of days.

Your other new obsession is standing up. If you’re not trying to crawl on your own, you’re trying to crawl all over us. You grab onto pant legs, necklines, belts – anything you can get your hands on to try and pull yourself up to standing. You’ve successfully used the living room ottoman to pull up to a stand, and the grin you flashed us when you succeeded was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any trepidation at the thought of you crawling and standing and learning to walk, probably sooner rather than later. But when you are so over-the-moon excited about it and proud of yourself, your dad and I can’t help but be over-the-moon excited, too.

Of course these new developments change everything. We need to lower your crib mattress so you can’t fling yourself over the top rail, start hiding power cords, and buy those little plastic plugs for the electrical sockets.

But that’s all small potatoes, baby girl, and I don’t mind.


Love always,


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