Dear Natalie: Week 32

Dear Natalie,

This week we had quite the treat – Grammy Hall came to stay with us for a short visit. She was willing to temporarily say goodbye to the balmy Tennessee weather to join us in Mood Swing Massachusetts, where it was sunny and gorgeous her first day, and icy and cold with a side of travel advisories on her last day.

I asked her to come and visit because I miss her (and the rest of my far-flung family) quite a bit. When you were just five weeks old, everyone picked up and moved away from us. Not because of you, of course; the timing was just unfortunate. I didn’t write a whole lot about this development, mostly because we were quite busy learning how to keep you alive and get just a teensy bit of sleep for ourselves. It didn’t leave a lot of time for processing much else.

But now that we’ve had some time (and a few holidays) to process living far away from your grandparents on my side of the family, I can say for sure: it’s hard. And I don’t like it. Raising a baby, even a charming, lovely, easy-going baby such as yourself, is incredibly difficult without having any family nearby.

And so I asked your Grammy to come and stay with us while your dad was away on a business trip. I know that we would’ve been ok just the two of us, but she agreed to a quick visit and we had a wonderful time. We were even able to jet up to New Hampshire for a day trip to surprise your Great Grandmothers.

You’re definitely starting to experience a bit of separation anxiey/stranger danger. When Grammy opened up the car door at the airport to toss her backpack in, you took one look at her and burst into tears. But it’s healthy for you (for both of us, actually!) to spend time with people other than me, so I left you in her capable hands while I went for a run, picked your dad up at the train station, and even –hold onto your hat– went out to dinner, just me and your dad.

We haven’t done that in nearly eight months, so I’d say we were past due. We waited until you went to sleep (which was a looooong process; apparently you were not nearly as excited about the whole dinner date thing as we were) and then bolted out of the house. We tried to keep talking about you to a minimum and failed miserably, discussing your sleeping habits as we stuffed handfuls of delicious, delicious sweet potato fries into our mouths.

It was pretty close to magical and hopefully not something we’ll have to wait another eight months to repeat.

Bipolar weather aside, it was a great week.

Love always,


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  1. Navratri March 16, 2014 at 7:59 am #

    You look so beautiful with your kid. Thanks. Came first time on your blog through #sitsblogging. Wish you a great time ahead.


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