February Goals Update – and a Linkup!

When I first wrote about my goals for the year, there was one comment from Jenn that said she wished she knew of a goal setting link up where we could all check out each other’s goals and get inspiration from one another. I LOVED this idea and thought, why not here?

So here is my update on how February went, followed by the linkup where you can add your own post. I’ve also thrown in some baby pictures in the hopes that you will continue reading about my goals, despite my lackluster performance.

2014-02-01 14.24.44-2

Monthly Goals

Oh, dear. I did NOT do well with these. Some of it was out of my control but most of it was not, I just didn’t plan well.

    • File all errant paperwork – not done yet, but it will be. I have one day left in February and so help me god, I WILL get this done.
    • Get a haircut – nope. Didn’t make it a priority. DEFINITELY needs to happen in March, though.
    • Finish 2013 scrapbook – not yet but I am sooooo close. Really, really hoping to be able to finish this up tomorrow and close the literal book on 2013.
    • Start 2014 scrapbook – nope. Not going to happen. Moving this goal to March.
    • Take a family photo – nope. Sigh. Honestly this is what happens when I don’t keep a list of my monthly goals right in front of my face basically at all times. I forgot this was even a goal until yesterday.
    • File taxes – not done, but I am still waiting on one tax document before I can finish things up.
    • Iron and put away all my fabric – this was a little goal but it’s nice to have it done. Although now I have MORE fabric so this will have to be a repeat for March.

2014-02-07 12.28.51-2

Weekly Goals

  • Update finances – I updated our finances once this month instead of weekly like I had planned, but it was a marathon session (it hadn’t been done since November. Yikes.)
  • write two blog posts – hey, I did this one!
  • cut diamonds for Natalie’s quilt
  • Illustrator 101 homework – nope. I’m taking a class from Nicole’s Classes and I am about two weeks behind. Gah.
  • download the week’s photos from my phone and choose favorites for the scrapbook – again, nope.

Once again, not a very strong showing.

2014-02-09 14.17.03-3

Daily Goals

  • Take a #100happydaysphoto for Instagram – yes! Any days I didn’t post to Instagram (there were only a handful) were because the pictures weren’t something I was willing to share with the whole wide internet. Once of the boundaries I’ve drawn, for instance, is that I don’t share photos of Natalie in the tub. Great for the scrapbook, not for teh interwebz.
  • Move/stretch/workout – HAH. Ha hahahahaha. Oh gosh I think I did this for like a day? Maybe 2? Back to the drawing board for March.
  • Spend screen-free time with Will – overall we both made much more of an effort to have conversations at times other than during tv commercials. There’s definitely more work we could do with this one (like, less tv, period) but I feel like this was a really good start.
  • Write something – um, I did ok? Maybe like half of February? I was not good about tracking when I wrote and when I didn’t. I’m now using the Commit app on my phone and will be tracking my March dailies with that.

2014-02-15 13.12.03

What I learned

Two key takeaways from this month:

1) If I can’t see it, I won’t remember it, and it’s not going to happen. My list of what I want to accomplish each month has to be clearly visible ALL THE TIME. For March, I will be posting my goals on the wall right above my computer.

2. Small, consistent effort beats one day where I do a whole entire project, hands down. I think if I had broken down my goals a little more (for instance, instead of just saying “finish 2013 scrapbook, I would have said “finish these pages week 1, these pages week 2,” etc.) it would have been easier to stay on track. The end of the month kind of snuck up on me.

So that is the rather lackluster update. Nowhere to go but up for March, right?

Now I want to hear about your goals!

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