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Have you ever opened up your feed reader, seen 200+ unread notifications, and whined that there was nothing to read?

No? Just me, huh?

True story. I subscribe to over 300 blogs and counting but there are only a handful that I read religiously – every single word of each and every new post. Without fail. High praise from a blog addict.

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog and are even mildly entertained, you’ll really like these.

And so I present, in alphabetical order because making me pick a favorite blog would be like asking me to choose a favorite cat*, my Top 5 Must Read Always blogs.

*it’s Roo.


Mighty Amalah! I’ve been a follower of Amy’s blog (her real name is not, in fact, Amalah) since before the birth of her 3rd son (now 2 and a bit, I believe?). She’s incredibly funny, doles out words of wisdom in a twice-weekly advice column smackdown, and wrote the best damn pregnancy calendar I’ve ever read. She is 90% responsible for Natalie being cloth diapered (and that’s a good thing). She loves writing about cloth diapers as much as I love reading about them.

Camp Patton

Grace is a stay-at-home mom to three kids (with a fourth on the way) and is incredibly witty in a dry, self-deprecating kind of way. I imagine that spending all my time with three small children would send me right over the edge of Crazy Cliff, but Grace writes about all of it without ever veering too far into Woe-Is-Me-Ville – just enough to “keep it real” or whatever your cliché of choice is. One of my favorite recurring posts is Julia Styles, where she features the philosophical musings and fashion stylings of her daughter (you guessed it) Julia.

Elise Blaha Cripe

Elise is a crafty powerhouse. She scrapbooks, sews, quilts, knits, and has a much, much better sense of interior design than I do. She is a military wife and mom to the adorable Ellerie, who is just a little bit older than Natalie. I got my inspiration for Natalie’s weekly letters from her letters to her daughter, and in the tough, tough beginning weeks of being a mom her posts about motherhood were absolutely a lifeline for me. Her writing is poignant but never syrupy, and her photography is stunning.

Modern Mrs. Darcy

Anne’s blog combines so many of my favorite things: reading, writing, goal setting, and a nice mix of posts about family and relationships and achievable tips on looking your best (so many style blogs are so far over my head it’s like standing at the foot of Everest). Her blog isn’t a mom/parenting blog per se, but she is a mom, and I love her blog, so she makes the list and you can’t do anything about it, neener neener neener. She is a fellow introvert and highly sensitive person, and I imagine that she’d be a lovely person with whom to sit in the same room and quietly read and talk about books. If you’re looking for a corner of the internet free from celebrity gossip and imbued instead with thoughtful discussion about the more substantive issues in life, you’ll absolutely find it at Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Troublesome Tots

Alexis (not me, even though I do frequently talk about myself in the 3rd person) has saved my sanity and therefore my life on more than one occasion. She is my go-to resource for all things related to baby sleep. It’s balanced, doesn’t make you feel like a terrible parent for wanting to sleep train, and it’s funny. That last bit is key – even if your laugh is right on the edge between “delightfully amused” and I HAVEN’T SLEPT IN DAYS SO I AM A LITTLE BIT HYSTERICAL RIGHT NOW, you have to try and keep a sense of humor about these things.   She doesn’t update her blog frequently, but if you have a baby you need to go back through her archives right this minute and read everything. EVERYTHING. DOOOOO IT. You’ll thank me later, except you won’t have time because you’ll be too busy sleeping. WHAT AN EXCELLENT PROBLEM TO HAVE.

Aaand that’s the roundup! I hope you enjoy them!

So…what are you reading? Leave me a link in the comments to your favorite blog(s) – just not 300 of them, please. I’ve already got that covered.


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  1. Alexis January 29, 2014 at 11:44 am #

    300 eh? I think I’ve got 30 in Feedly and even those I barely read! Anyhoo I wanted to visit and say thanks for the shoutout! It’s true I don’t update very often but I’ve gotta make time for my Plants vs. Zombies habit somewhere right?!?! 😉

    No seriously – am working on a book and am struggling to do even that much less blog. But I promise I’ll get some new stuff out there. And it’s great to know that I’ve had a small role in keeping you sane :)

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