2013 Year in Review

I don’t usually post on the weekends, but today is a special occasion – it’s my birthday!

I’m 29 today and I’ve learned lots of valuable lessons in my time on this earth and lo, how the passage of time makes me reflect on my mortal state of being, and WHERE ARE THE BABY PICTURES, WOMAN??

And so perhaps more importantly, I have 97 photos to share with you in chronological order.

No scrolling required. Just sit back and let the musical brilliance of One Direction guide you through the Happy Helmraths First Annual Slightly Belated Year in Review Slideshow.

Clicky clicky. You know you want to. (And you might have to, if you’re reading this in your email.)

A few notes:

  • The slideshow moves a bit fast. Sorry about that. Too many pictures, not enough self-control when it came to adding them.
  • It looks like we did nothing the first half of the year except hide from the snow and take pictures of the baby bump, but that’s only because it’s basically true.
  • Thumper the Pirate Cat had eye cancer and it was very sad and scary. Now he only has one eye and no cancer, so that’s much better.
  • Sadly, Will’s team did not win the hockey tournament. However, no one went to the hospital this year so I’m calling it a victory.
  • Babymoons are the best, most horribly named idea ever. Seriously. If you are pregnant you should definitely, definitely take a nice vacation before your little bundle of sleep-ruining arrives.
  • Maternity photos (the nice ones) and newborn photos (also the nice ones) were taken by Beth Oram. She rocks and you should hire her if you’re in the Boston area.
  • I’m not going to apologize for the One Direction song. I think I might be a fan in a rather un-ironic way. 1D 4 lyfe!!11!!!!


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