Christmas, Then and Now

Life looked a little bit different at Christmas last year.

I was 10 weeks pregnant, and Will and I announced to our families that we’d be joined by a tiny Helmrath the following July.

This is the look on my grandmother’s face when she opened up the onesie that said “I love my great grandma.”

P1000661We might as well just give up now, because we’re never going to top that present.

And the onesie itself. Note the blue and pink tissue paper. So clever, self. Well done.

P1000664We didn’t get a picture of my mom’s parents reacting to the news, but it was much the same, with an added look of “if you are yanking my chain and you aren’t really pregnant I will strangle you with my bare hands.” Fortunately it was not a joke and we all survived Christmas.

Well, barely. Ten weeks was the absolute height of my morning sickness, and I was miserable. I sent Will out on an emergency trip in the snow to the closest gas station for gum, because I could not go on for one more minute without spearmint gum. That and SeaBands were my pregnancy saviors.

This year I am significantly less well-rested but in much better spirits. Mostly because 1) coffee and 2) coffee. Last Christmas I couldn’t even stomach the smell of it and had to banish Will from the breakfast table (I think my pregnancy was much less fun for Will than it was for me. He’s a trooper.)

This year also marks the first Christmas that my parents, my sister, and I have not lived within a two hour radius of one another. My parents will be visiting for a week from Tennessee, but my sister will be spending her Christmas in Montana (sniff, sniff). She is definitely my favorite sister (and my only sister, hence the joke) and I will miss her terribly, but we’ll be having a joint present opening FaceTime party this weekend.

P1000665And I thought I was tired then. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Life is certainly more interesting with this little nugget on my hands, and I’m very excited for her first Christmas – even though she won’t remember one second of it, particularly the fact that there are no presents for her under the tree from her own parents. Thank god babies have the memory of a goldfish.

2013-12-20 07.55.39-2

And this is exactly why I prefer to let other people spoil her. They pick out way cuter things than I ever would (the hat is a gift from a dear friend who promised that she was sending the cutest hat in the world – did she ever deliver on that promise).

My pre-Christmas to-do list is distressingly long, but I’m blogging and smiling at pictures of Natalie on my phone instead of being productive (She’s napping. That might’ve been the better choice for me).

But now I guess it’s time to load up the Christmas cannon, because BOOM here we go!

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  1. Kim December 21, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    “And I thought I was tired then. HAHAHAHAHAHA.”
    I can remember you talking about how tired you were, and thinking to myself that stake in the ground was going to shift dramatically. :-)
    But all for an excellent reason!

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