Quick Takes, Halloween and Baby Clothes Edition

Linking up with Jen this dreary Friday. 


I’ve seen some really funny and well thought out Halloween costumes for infants, definitely Pinterest-worthy. Natalie’s wasn’t one of them. I knit her a little rabbit hat (the one I used for her picture this week) and she wore it for less than ten minutes last night, along with her puppy dog footed pjs. There was some animal identity confusion but we got through it. I’m not sure why I got the death stare and Will got the slightly-bemused-but-mostly-ok-with-this face, but she’s pretty cute even when she’s scowling.

2013-10-31 17.38.49-2 2013-10-31 17.37.53-2

We were poised and ready with a giant bucket full of good candy, none of those black and orange wrapped taffy-like things of indeterminate origin that I’m quite sure spontaneously generate just for Halloween night. They’re October’s version of coal in your stocking.

Our cup runneth (ranneth?) over with sugary goodness, and we only had about a dozen trick-or-treaters. Half of them were adorable small children that had to be prompted to say “trick or treat” and “thank you;” the other half were sullen tweens that grunted out something that might have been either one of those traditional phrases. I totally would’ve given them that taffy candy if we had it.


I mentioned it earlier this week, but I think Natalie might be teething. Dr. Google tells me that the drooling, crankiness, and gum irritation can last for months before we actually see even the hint of a tooth. That is just ducky. For some reason it seems to be worse in the morning, and most of the time before her first nap is spent like this:

2013-10-31 10.16.31

She has Sophie to help ease the pain but lacks the motor skills to keep it in her mouth. Being a baby is tough.


Now that Natalie is three months old, I feel like I’m at the end of my “trial period” as a mom and I’m now expected to have it all together. This pressure isn’t coming from anywhere except my own head, and I was so glad to read Kerri’s take on this exact issue. This part really smacked me in the face:

“Just because you’re meant for something, just because you choose something, just because you know it’s where you belong…that doesn’t mean it will be easy or come quite naturally.”

Amen, sister.


I’ve started a tradition of taking Natalie to Savers, our local amazing thrift store, every Monday (25% off everything in the store, what). She’s growing so quickly that I’m getting suspicious someone is feeding her Alice in Wonderland “drink me” potions while I’m asleep.

Knock it off, whoever you are.

Since her clothes appear to be shrinking so rapidly, I’m loath to spend $30 on a pair of jeans for her from BabyGap. I’m thrilled, however, that there are plenty of people who do, because I get to buy those jeans for $1.99, minus an extra 25%. Here’s this week’s haul:

2013-10-28 17.00.01

Stoopid blurry phone photo. Sorry about that. Not pictured: footy pants that are size 12-months, which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. Children’s clothing manufacturers must have put their heads together and decided that all babies must wear socks after six months, because footie pants in anything bigger than that don’t seem to exist.

Also, this hat:

2013-10-28 13.49.15-2

At least there’s some growing room.


While we’re talking about clothing, let’s discuss Natalie’s charming new habit of clamping her little fingers onto the inside of her sleeves as I’m dressing her. She’s really not a fan of outfit changes anyway, and when she has her sleeve in a pincer grip from the inside it takes so much longer to get the job done. The poor girl gets so frustrated and usually starts crying as I’m trying to pry her fingers loose. Cause and effect is such an elusive concept at this age.


And even more about clothes, because nothing is more fascinating to other people than how I dress my child. Except old ladies in the grocery store who take it as a personal affront when Natalie shows up in a blue outfit, because I am clearly just trying to make them guess wrong. I’m just going to stamp the word “girl” on her forehead so everyone will be spared the embarrassment.


Since I have all this extra fabric from Natalie’s weekly photo, even when I’ve taken what I need for her quilt, I figured I really should start using some of it in a constructive way. Not that “cat bed” isn’t constructive (I’m looking at you, Roo).

Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional makes the most amazing clothes for her girls and also happens to have a ton of tutorials on her site, as well as a few patterns for sale. Her Olivia top and dress pattern is currently on sale for $7 (for today only, so get it now if you’re interested!), so I scooped that right up. The sizing is perfect, since it goes from six months up to size 8. I haven’t started sewing yet, but I’ve gone through the pattern and it looks like it’s very clear and easy to follow.

My machine sewing skills are not great, but I think even I can pull this one off. I’m hoping to make either a Thanksgiving or Christmas outfit for Natalie, depending on how long it takes me. Stay tuned!


Cathy Zielske, one of my favorite scrapbookers, is once again hosting 30 Days of Thankful this November. I won’t be making an album just for this, but I will be playing along on Instagram. I don’t know if there’s an “official” hashtag but my guess would be #30daysofthankful. Feel free to play along! You can find me on Instagram here. Here’s what I’m thankful for today:

2013-11-01 11.00.04-2


That’s all for today, folks. I will be living large this weekend and getting a haircut for the first time since before Natalie was born. I’m all giddy just thinking about it. Happy weekend, everyone!


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  1. Rachel November 1, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    Oh no! Teething is hard. We found Camilia and an amber teething necklace to be really helpful. Those are awesome finds!

    Speaking of Baby Gap I happened to walk in there and found some of their stuff on sale ($2.99) but I think you still got the better deal :-)

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