Quick Takes, Stay at Home Mom Edition

Linking up with Cari on this sunny Friday.


This is only a quick take because I haven’t had the chance to write anything longer about it yet, but I went back to work on Wednesday. And then I didn’t go back yesterday because I quit to stay home with Natalie. The Helmraths are now officially a single income family and I get to spend my days with the goober, which is an exhilarating, slightly terrifying prospect. It feels a little like this:



I woke up yesterday to this face. That is a doubt-melting smile if I’ve ever seen one.  2013-10-24 09.03.37-2


I was link-hopping the other day and ended up at a new-to-me-blog written by Rachel, a fellow Boston mom. I love this post about how much babies need from their moms and the level of self-sacrifice needed to help them grow from a tiny newborn lump into a walking, talking, functioning child. Sometimes I get a little bogged down in the Swamp of Sadness thinking about how much freedom Will has compared to me these days, but then I realize a) DUH, what did I expect? and b) oh, that smile.


I’m addicted to MasterChef Junior. My culinary expertise falls somewhere in between “injures self when cutting up a coconut” (true story, perhaps for another day) and “can boil water successfully,” so I’m a bit stumped how I can make Natalie into a master chef by age 8. These kids not only know the difference between pecorino and parmesan cheese (apparently pecorino is saltier), but they have strong opinions about when to use each one. At that age I thought all parmesan cheese came in a big green canister.


I’m chugging right along on Natalie’s quilt, and quite enjoying the process. I think I have about 1,000 hours of process to go before it is even remotely finished, so, there’s that. Also, quilty math fail – I don’t need two stars from each fabric; I need FOUR. That’s two hundred stars for a queen size quilt. Just keep stitching, just keep stitching.


The time change is next weekend. Woe. Lots and lots of woe. I HATE the fall time change and would like to opt out this year; is that an option?


I caught the sneaky cat on camera as he was barging into the baby’s room mid-nap. What a creeper.2013-10-25 09.52.25-1May your weekend be happy and warm and free of creepy cats.

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