Dear Natalie: Week 12

Dear Natalie,

This week was very special, because you got to meet your mom’s completely overwhelming family. I absolutely mean that in a good way. Spending time with them is always such a boisterous, chaotic, busy, happy event, and I’m thrilled you got to experience it.

Both your great grandmothers were there, and they took turns holding you while you stared, completely enthralled, at the ceiling fan. Seeing you with them makes me so very, very happy. I was lucky enough to get to know my great grandmother, and I’m so grateful that you, too, will have these amazing ladies in your life (and your great grandfather too, of course!).

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Clearly the carpet is as just as fascinating as the fan.

More than twenty of us (not the whole family, not by a long shot – just those that live close by) gathered in the dining room and feasted on ham, mac and cheese, and homemade rolls. I ate my dinner quickly and with you on my lap, and then walked in circles around the tables to keep you occupied. We strolled through several conversations, drifted through a lot of laughter, and, most importantly, made several trips past the dessert table.

My heart swelled at being in such a warm, comforting room with you. My family is everything to me and it means so, so much to introduce you to them.

Welcome, Natalie. We’ve been expecting you, and we’re so happy to meet you.

And so I hope that of all the things in this world that you’ll come to learn, there is one thing above all else that you will know as an unshakable, unassailable truth: you are loved.

Your family is here for you, always. Whether you are close enough to drop by for a visit or so far away that we need to FaceTime you in for dinner, you’ll always be one of us.

That’s a double-edged sword, my dear, but it’s 100% amazing and never, ever boring.

Love always,



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