Seven Quick Takes: How Do You Like Them Apples?

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1. I was looking at my own baby book yesterday and am continually amazed by how much Natalie looks like me. That’s me on the right, at two months:

1402470_784194810273_1651986723_oThe big difference is that she weighs now (at 11 weeks) what I weighed at 20 weeks. In this case the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree only because it’s an enormous apple. In the cutest possible way, of course.

2. We are still working very hard on transitioning Natalie to the pack ‘n play (we’ve abandoned the co-sleeper because that giant wingspan you see in the picture above scratches the netting on the sides and wakes her up) and that pink marshmallow Peep getup is a key part of our strategy. Last night was the first night in the pack ‘n play, and so far, so good! She did not sleep any less or any more than she has been in the bouncer, and just being able to set her down (as opposed to re-swaddling and strapping her in) is much, much easier in the middle of the night. Oh, you make a product that will both help my child sleep and make her look like she’s wearing a sumo suit? TAKE MY MONEY RIGHT NOW.

3. I’m stalking the UPS guy waiting for my templates for Natalie’s quilt to arrive. I ordered them last weekend and paid a whopping $4 extra for super fast expedited as soon as possible shipping, so I was really, really hoping they’d arrive by the end of the day today. I’ve cut out roughly eleventy billion diamonds and I’d like to start stitching them together.

4. Is it wrong that I enjoy dressing my child in ridiculous outfits? Her hand is covering it up but there’s a polar bear on the onesie.

2013-10-17 17.05.42I would’ve rocked those pants in the fifth grade. (Again with the stripes, apparently I just can’t help myself.)

5. The ridiculousness extends to hats, too.

2013-10-17 17.20.29At least the sun won’t get in her eyes. Heh.

6. Our cats are total jerks. Beckham has decided that he has a fierce, urgent need to be in the bedroom when either one of us is trying to get Natalie to sleep. The other night he used his melonhead to headbutt his way in not once, not twice, but three times, each time hesitating in the doorway for a moment while I hissed at him before he shot under the bed. Each time Will shook the treat bag and Beckham came flying back out.

We are awesome cat owners. We’ve successfully trained Beckham to get treats by hiding under the bed.

7. A 2.5 mile walk with a 15 pound baby in the Ergo is, perhaps, not the best idea I’ve ever had. We walked to the train station yesterday to meet Will and then walked home, and today the muscles in my feet hurt. That’s new.

And it’s almost the weekend! Ready steady go. We’ll be peeping some leaves on the drive up to New Hampshire and letting Natalie’s relatives spoil her and take her for a bit so we can eat dinner with both of our hands. Novelty!

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