Friday Favorites

Laughing at: Brides Throwing Cats and Sports Balls Replaced with Cats. Really, anything replaced with cats is hilarious.

Knitting: Baby hats, aka instruments of kitty torture.

2013-10-06 14.42.07

Listening to: Katy Perry’s “Roar” on an endless loop when I go for a run. It’s really the perfect workout song.

Waiting for: next weekend, when we go up to New Hampshire so Natalie can meet more of her relatives.

Marveling at: how big she’s gotten in such a short amount of time.2013-10-08 10.09.44

Drinking: my own pumpkin spice coffee, made with this pumpkin spice syrup recipe.

Wishing: I could be this fascinated by an endless loop of flashing lights. We’d save bunches on the cable bill.

2013-10-10 14.02.49

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